319. Sleep No More

3 more weeks until NYC! (& a couple weeks until my birthday but not as excited about that hahah) This month is going by so slowly though. One thing I'm very excited about is going to Sleep No More. It's an "interactive theatrical experience" loosely based on Shakespeare's Macbeth. Something like a play that the audience takes part in; walking around observing the actors in each room of the "abandoned hotel" where it's set. Oh & everyone has to wear a creepy mask similar to Phantom of the Opera. The style seems to me like 1920s/something out of a film noir. If my description didn't make much sense, read the review here. Can't wait!!

Burberry trenchcoat YSL Yves Saint Laurent Y-Mail Clutch Canadian passport
Outfit the other night + my old passport expired/renewed it just in time for NYC!

Louis Vuitton Graffiti scarf Stephen Sprouse Crystal Head Vodka
Crystal Head Vodka wearing my Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse graffiti scarf as a turban

St. Party's Day Toronto ticket black outfit leftbanked
St. Party's Day this weekend! The only green thing I own is that scarf (photo above) - bad lighting but it's actually neon green

aerial silk acrobat Pravda Toronto
Pravda last week - amazing acrobat!! One of the many many reasons this is my favourite spot in Toronto.

YSL clutch Pravda Pravda Vodka Bar

I took a short video:

Richmond Station Toronto restaurant
Richmond Station polenta fries appetizers
Richmond Station ravioli Richmond Station dessert
Richmond Station dinner Richmond Station dessert
I'm too ashamed to say how long overdue these photos from Richmond Station are. My friend & I came for dinner on their opening night, which was quiiiiite a long time ago. The food was good but not extremely memorable - I thought it was a bit over-priced to be honest. The chef here is the winner from Top Chef Canada.

Pomeranian car ride
My dog enjoying our Uber cab ride. BTW, if you are still not a member of Uber yet, sign up with my special promo code to get $10 off your first ride! Just type in "uberleftbanked" or click here - enjoy!



  1. Very cool! Enjoy the pictures so much..I bet you had really great time


  2. Overpriced food is méh :c
    I wish you a fun and safe
    trip to NY c:


  3. I always love to read your posts! The Sleep No More event sounds really interesting - something I would attend too. And then Macbeth is one (if not the) of my favourite plays ever. I also love your video at Pravda; if I ever visit Toronto, that's where I will go.


    1. thanks! you should take a trip to NYC to see it then..and then visit Toronto for Pravda! ;)

  4. That's so cool that you are heading back to NY soon! Your dog is so cute :) Enjoy your weekend xoxo ES

    1. thanks, hope you had a great weekend too!

  5. I would really love to attend the "sleep no more" event. sounds exciting. Your dog is adorable. I enjoy your posts full of random photos of everything.

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  6. I just got my passport renewed as well - makes travelling much more nicer! :))
    I heard about Uber when I was in Toronto the end of this summer - a friend of mine was completely in love with it! Such an easy way - I'm definitely gonna try it the nixt time I'm there for a longer period! Might be next summer :)

    1. yea I like getting new passports..hope to fill it up as much as I can!
      it's a great service :)

  7. You're so lucky to go to NYC! I hope you'll take LOTS of pic ;)

    Great blog!!

    Love from London xx


    1. thank you! there will be tons of pics :D

  8. Ah..I'm sure you're very excited over your trip to NYC. Who wouldn't be for a holiday right? Have fun!
    Btw, the food looks great! =D

  9. I have to check out about the "Sleep No More" theatre experience. Sounds fun. You must be excited to visit NYC. Have a fun trip. Your dog is having fun there looking out at the passing view. The food must be so delicious. You are right. The weather this week is still Winter. Have a great week.

    1. yea I'm so excited! He looooves car rides. & thanks, you too!

  10. I love that black outfit with the matching tights. Very much something I would wear. Lovely blog. I'm happy to be your newest follower.


  11. SSleep No More sounds super cool... who knew that Canada actually had fun things to do and a culture? LOL, I'm Canadian so I can say that :P

    P.S. wanna follow each other?


  12. very nice!

    wanna follow each other?

  13. i love nyc so much, i was there at christmas! have a great time! if you get a sec, i would love to hear what you think of my new post!

    grwat prhttp://supposeishouldblog.blogspot.ca

  14. Hi Tiffany, please use the Space Outlet pic. Thanks for linking back to luxessed!

  15. New York I love you!!! xxx


  16. I like that cab already because it allows dogs but I'm sure only small dogs and 100lb ones don't count =( lol NYC so soon! Can't wait to hear about all your stories when you come back, how long will you be there this time? I actually just got my family/sibling trip figured out, we're going to spend some time at Disney World then hope on a short Disney Cruise before coming home =) It's actually my brother's hs graduation trip hahaha

    Whoa I didn't know they changed the Canadian passport to black, I prefer the royal blue more, looks more regal but if I could choose I'd pick white hahaha The food from Richmond Stadium lokos good but shame it wasn't as good as it looks, it's okay it's from a while ago. I just posted up a bakery review and that was from last September LOL

    re: I pretty sure that we start giving out red pocket money after we get married LOL and yes, I eat instant noodle directly from the pot rather than having to wash another bowl LOL sometimes if I feel fancy I'll use a bowl hahaha

    1. Most cabs allow dogs (surprisingly) & mine always gets suuuuper excited riding in them! lol. I'm just gonna go for 5 days this time. hahah you love Disney! Sounds like a lot of fun though!

      I think it's just the photo..it's still dark blue. Actually I'm not sure..I'm too lazy to go get mine to check..but I don't think it's completely black. White would be sooo nice!

      hahah I'm gonna start doing that now..I'm the laziest with doing dishes

  17. That bar/ restaurant looks incredible! - very cute dog also.

    I run a (newish) London lifestyle blog www.cityhabit.blogspot.co.uk - maybe you'll like mine too!

    With love from London, Georgie Xx


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