320. Crystal Bra

outfit crystal bra house of holland super suspenders leftbanked
A few days ago, I received a nice little package all the way from Sweden (all the more special because as you know, I love Sweden!) Thanks to Crystal Bra. I love it so much!! I've seen it on a lot of bloggers before, like Kenza & Chiara. I'm still figuring out different ways to wear it. It looks great under a semi-sheer top and low-cut tank tops. It comes in silver and black. The sizes run big though..maybe it's just the difference between US & European sizing but I'd recommend getting a size smaller.

The Crystal Bra Swarovski necklace outfit crystal bra super suspenders leftbanked
That was my outfit last night. I went to the Rihanna concert. I actually don't even like her or concerts that much..but my friend had an extra ticket so I tagged along. (PS - Rihanna also has the same tights as me!)

Crystal Bra
Crystal Bra
Purchase it here!

Real Sports Bar
Drinks before the concert at Real Sports Bar

Petite Thuet macarons
Today was Macaron Day so I went downstairs to Petite Thuet to pick up some. Unfortunately there weren't any colourful ones left. So "macaron day" is when participating macaron shops offer one free macaron per customer who comes in. Though actually they asked me for a donation of $2 to receive the free macaron..which essentially is the normal cost of one lol. But it's for charity.
I LOVE macarons but very rarely buy them in Toronto because they're just not good. I don't mean to be a total macaron snob but after trying Laduree, Pierre Herme, Sadaharu Aoki, etc..the Toronto ones don't even compare. I'm serious. They taste like two entirely different things. I haven't tried all the different ones in the city yet but when/if I do find the best, I will let you know....

To Me You Are Perfect Aroma Espresso Bar
I'm having movie marathons like every night this week. The scene on the left is from one of my favourite movies ever!! Know where it's from? (Hover over the pic) & on the right, my salad from Aroma Espresso Bar

St. Party's Day
Last weekend for St. Patrick's Day my friend & I went to check out St. Party's Day. Maybe it was because we went early but I didn't like it that much. It was not what I expected. I kind of expected something like Oktoberfest but with pitchers of green beer and a similar atmosphere but it wasn't. Probably wouldn't go back next year.

St. Party's Day 2013 St. Party's Day 2013
louis vuitton graffiti stephen sprouse house of holland super suspenders
Outfit - wore my Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti scarf for the first time in ages. It is the only green thing I own! & House of Holland Super Suspender tights..I lost count of how many pairs I have of these. I keep re-purchasing since I always manage to rip them after a couple wears.

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  1. tiff! That crystal bra looks amazing its so pretty ! Im sure you will figure out sophisticated ways to wear your bra ~
    hehe Love actually is the movie you were watching hehe the actor in the pic is also the star of The Walking Dead my fave tv show hehe. Your macarons and food are making me hungry and i never buy macarons from my state.. i usually go interstate and buy them from elsewhere. The things we do for yummy things eh?


    1. thanks!
      lol yea the lengths we go to for quality macarons..worth it though! I need to stock up when I go to NYC :D

  2. The bra is fantastic
    and you are very beautiful
    I love the tights too


    Coline ♡

  3. I really love your crystal bra, so stylish!


  4. Your crystal bra is amazing, paired with your tights is just so sexy Tiffany. I went to Yorkville yesterday for Macaron Day. It was fun trying different flavours.

    1. Thanks Pamela! Not sure how often I'll wear them together..don't want it to be like "overly sexy" lol.

  5. that is so sexy! <3


  6. Nice crystal bra! I wonder if
    its heavy? Macaron day! I want
    that too... xx

    1. not heavy at all, they're actually not real crystals lol

  7. omg wow that looks so awesome !! it would be so dun to wear that to a concert or a club -- enjoy !!

  8. A very interesting bra! Looks good on you. The macarons look interesting; I'd be intrigued to try one. I have Love Actually on DVD; it's a very nice movie but I haven't watched it for years...

    1. Thanks! I watch Love Actually at least once each year! (for sure on Christmas)

  9. You look hot in that bra, love it with the blazer xoxo ES

  10. awesomeness! cool bra


  11. I've got the exact same bra. I love it of all my heart.
    It kind of makes me proud to be Swedish^^

  12. wow that bra is really hot! and especially the way you wear it in these photos - with a loose tank and a long necklace. hot hot hot! also, I love your hair. I think this is the first time I see it that close and well, so I gotta tell you your hair looks really nice :)

  13. love the crystal bra haha it's so edgy!! u look amazing btw, love your hair colour so much, it's fierce girl!!


  14. Your bra is amazing! I really like the way it looks on you - so glamourous!
    "Love Actually" is one of my favorite movies!
    Have a great weekend!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

    1. Thanks Diana! yea a lot of people I know love the movie as well..you too!

  15. Now that's sexy!


  16. That bra is really beautiful, I've been a little on the fence about them for a while but your styling of it has me sold! It's got to be the first time I've seen it styled really well too. I dunno, I always seem to come across them looking way to trashy to be fierce and rock 'n' roll but you've definitely done this beauty justice. And I agree with the macaron thing. After indulging in Laduree macarons don't taste the same as they do in France. For some reason they taste too eggy for me here in Melbourne LOL so I totally understand, though I still eat them a little too regularly, I think I just miss the Parisian kind way too much!

    Happy Sunday lovely,

    1. Wow thank you so much!!
      yea exactly! They really are so much better there..I definitely need to go back again soon for some lol

  17. SUPER SEXY! love that sequinned bra!


  18. wow now that is a bra, looks great! omg yes i love laduree macarons, thank God i can get hold of them in the UK!
    would you like to follow each other? let me know :)
    Melina x

  19. I think this is the first time I see you in a picture, you look great but the bra is a bit too cool for school for my taste...
    I can believe you are going to New York that's soon, I'm so jelous!
    We don't have macaroons day here but although I haven't tried them I think there must be a bit too sweet for me.
    Ps I don't really like Rihana but she must be a great show to see

  20. Hi! I love your blog, you are really stylish and this outfit is beautiful !!! If you want come into my blog, and tell me what you think about him, and if it likes you, what about to follow each other? If want follow me, text me and I sure follow you back ! I would be really happy!
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