321. My Birthday

Windsor Arms Hotel Dining Room
Yesterday (March 26 for future reference) was my birthday! I spent Saturday & Sunday with my family then was with some friends on Monday & Tuesday. I had a really great time!
I also got my company registered. I've always wanted my own business and I finally did it yesterday (I purposely wanted to do it on my birthday so the date was more memorable). For the past few months I have been working for a few different companies doing their PR/Marketing on a very part-time basis. Through referrals recently, I got a couple more potential clients so I figured it was time I started my own firm! Pretty excited and nervous at the same time. Enough about work for now...here are the photos from my birthday:

Ruelo macarons peach bellini Earls Toronto King Street
My friend Matt gave me some Ruelo macarons..still not at Laduree standards but probably the best I've had in Toronto so far! I really like their unique flavours (like Green Tea Sesame, Rose Lychee, Yuzu, etc.). & on the right, my peach bellini yesterday at Earls

Origin restaurant Toronto menu
Origin is my new favourite restaurant! This place is just down the street from me yet I've never been there until last weekend. In fact, I liked it so much that I went again on Monday night. Pretty sure I will go back again soon. I liked their food presentation a lot(that's like the biggest factor in determining my favourite restaurants) Everything is served tapas-style here.

origin bufalo mozarella
These were my FAVOURITE!!! Bufalo Mozarella with pear, rosemary oil, pinenuts and honey...mmmmm. Just as good as the Burrata cheese we got from Harbour Sixty before (I have spent the past few months trying to find a restaurant appetizer comparable to that and now I have)

Origin pumpkin soup Origin salad
Origin chinois duck
Origin dessert glazed banana
The descriptions of each dish are super long so here is their menu if you want to take a look.

Origin Toronto
When we went again on Monday night, it was late and took dark so none of my photos came out..here you can see their open kitchen which is right in the middle of the restaurant. Can't wait until it gets warmer for their patio!!

Origin stormtrooper
Cool photograph/painting they had hanging on the wall

Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto entrance
On Sunday, my sister and I went for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel ! Their tea is considered the best in Toronto.

Windsor Arms Hotel Windsor Arms Hotel
Windsor Arms Hotel afternoon tea
Windsor Arms Hotel red room Windsor Arms Hotel
Windsor Arms Hotel afternoon tea
Overall, everything was good but it wasn't as amazing as I expected. I thought the finger sandwiches were a bit too small and I wish there were more pastries/cakes. So far, my favourite afternoon tea I've ever had is the Peninsula Hotel's in Hong Kong! Closely followed by the Mad Hatter's Tea at Sanderson in London.

afternoon tea afternoon tea
Windsor Arms Hotel Afternoon Tea
scones afternoon tea
Windsor Arms Hotel Spa
They also had a little gift for me - a couple vouchers to their spa

Windsor Arms Hotel bar
Windsor Arms hotel lobby entrance Windsor Arms Hotel dining room ballroom

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  1. happy belated birthday dear! :)

  2. Belated happ birthday! I can see that you celebrated it in style. And congrats on registering your own business; that's a major step!

  3. never too late for happy birthday!!! Kiss xxx

    PS! I want everything for breakfast, this post is delicious!


  4. Happy Birthday Tiffany! Looks like you had so much fun! All the best to your new venture.

  5. such great pictures, love the food. must have been so TASTY



  6. super cute!


  7. happy b day! it seems you spent your birthday in the best way!

  8. Happy belated birthday! Congratulations on your business too! I love the way you celebrated that special day - lots of delicious and exquisite food ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  9. Happy birthday & looked like it was awesome<3


  10. seems like you have a wonderful birthday

    HBD darling

    Elegantesque Blog

  11. Happy belated birthday Tiffany and congrats on opening/having your own firm! What an accomplishment! Kudos to you! I know it'll do well since you're running it, you seem to have the business blood running in you and awesome tastes as well =3 If I'm even unemployed I'll go knocking on your door....boss hahaha Oh yum macarons, I could go for some right now. Actually I had some earlier in the month and gosh they were the best tasting macarons ever but not the best texture, I guess you can't have it all eh? (I feel so Canadian whenever I say that)

    The tea looks gorgeous and how nice of them to give you some vouchers! Speaking of vouchers, I had a very poor experience as the Chi spa at Shangri la I'll have to blog about that! I was so disappointed there =(

    P.S Take your time with commenting =D and I always look forward to your comments, worth the wait =3

    1. thanks so much Suki!!

      aw really? that's too bad..looking forward to your blog post though - the Shangri La spas always look so beautiful inside

  12. wow that's a great idea and what a wonderful b-day present for yourself! congratulations! I'm very happy for you Tiffany! :)

  13. wow what a jam packed birthday that extended for a couple of days ! Thats so awesome you started your business on your bday definitely very memorable. And congrats too!! Those macarons look yummy and their flavours sound really nice :)
    The restaurant food looks exquisite and that hightea place has such nice decor! The teacups and saucers are gorgeous. Finger sandwiches are always so small at hightea. The cakes look so yumm though


    1. thanks a lot!!
      yea they were tiny but good. usually the ones I've had at other places are a lot bigger though hahah

  14. that's exciting about setting up your own company! I also celebrated my birthday at the weekend (the BIG 30!), & i think it's something about birthdays that makes you want to get up & go & seize the day! So far on that front I've resigned my job & planning some work in Rwanda this summer, woo!

    PS all that food looks SO good.

    Katie x

    1. thanks Katie! Happy Belated Birthday to you!!
      yea exactly, it's like another year has passed..time to accomplish something more! that is awesome - I'm sure you'll have an amazing experience :)

  15. happy belated birthday first and congratulations for having you own business now! :)
    it must be such a life-changing turn to make that decision, but it's awesome to have such an achievement in life :)) wish you all the best for the business!

  16. Looks like such a magical birthday and those mini cakes and sandwiches look delicious! I must congratulate you also xx


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