318. PDAC 2013

Toronto Financial District
Sorry once again for being so MIA this week! Been pre-occupied with PDAC. I've gone to PDAC (mostly just the parties) for the past 4 years now and it really does get better each year. Last year was a lot of fun but this year was even better. My favourite night (as always) was the night of the big Mining Night party at the Royal York ballroom - aka the night I met cute blond boy ;] More about that later....
Here is a video for now, earlier on that night with the live band:

Beer Bistro poutine and Fruli
I'll start from the night before the convention officially began..my friend & I went to the airport to pick up one of his business associates. Most of the people who come for PDAC are foreign (or from Vancouver). I've met quite a few over the years; pretty much all of which I only see for these few days when they're in Toronto for the convention. I guess that's one of the reasons why I always look forward to it again. When we got to the airport we found out his plane was delayed 3 hours so we killed some time, went back there to pick him up, then went for laaaaate night dinner - poutine & Fruli!

PDAC badge PDAC 2013 MTCC
Going to the show..I mostly went just to say hi to the people I knew at the booths. I stick out so much at this place lol (As you can see, the majority are old and/or men)

PDAC 2013 Bymark PDAC
Immediately after the show, the party-hopping begins..the first one on our schedule was Bymark, hosted by one of the law firms. So pretty much all the PDAC parties are open bar with an endless amount of delicious hors d'oeuvres passed around. The food here was so good!! We had so many slider burgers, lobster rolls, chicken dumplings, tuna on something..etcetcetc..

Royal York PDAC Royal York suite party PDAC
After Bymark, I went home for about an hour to recover/rest a bit. Then off we went again to the Royal York Hotel for a few suite parties (each one put on by a different company/firm).

PDAC party Loose Moose PDAC
A couple hours at the Royal York, then Loose Moose for a huge party put on by Wildeboer Dellelce. Strict door policy here, luckily I had a ticket! It seemed like mostly corporate types from Toronto here.
The photo on the right was this oxygen bar they had in there. It was scented oxygen. Supposed to wake you up a bit but it did the opposite for me. There was also a fortune teller/tarot card person there that I forgot to try..We spent the rest of the night here and was one of the last ones to leave. Fun night!!

Wildeboer Dellelce PDAC
Loose Moose PDAC party men in suits

Round 2: Mining Night

Hockey Hall of Fame ceiling
Hockey Hall of Fame PDAC
Now my favourite night! We started off at the Hockey Hall of Fame party..a quiet, calm evening at first.

Stanley Cup
pdac drinks
pdac food
My dinner that night

Royal York PDAC Mining Night
Then the Royal York!! I guess Mining Night is considered the "biggest" night during PDAC. At the Royal York they have the huge party in the ballroom with a live band, and on one floor of the hotel there are several suite parties. There are mostly mining students at these. We got there and it was completely packed. We walked around for a bit before meeting my other friend & some of his business associates.

We stood by the side of the stage. Suddenly this cute blond guy comes in front of me..then to the side..then behind (well at a distance)..I didn't really pay any attention at first. Then a girl (blond boy's co-worker) comes up to me and goes "hey he thinks you're really cute..but are these your bodyguards?" referring to my friend's business associates hahahah. So then I strayed away from my "bodyguards" & went around in search of more suite parties with blond boy, then a non-PDAC bar, etc..then finally home...another great night.

Now I'm suffering from PDAC withdrawal. Life goes back to normal tomorrow. Might be MIA for the next few days as I catch up on life/work.

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  1. I wish I had such an event, series of parties to go to!! Looks like you had a great time. Wish I could have seen a pic of the boy!!


    1. Yea it was so much fun!! Lol I'm not sure if I will see him again but I will try to snap a pic next time if I do ;)

  2. Hahaha totally Agree with Anouk ;) Want to know more about the boy ;) Happy Women's Day darling xoxo ES

    1. Hahah maybe if I meet him again.. Thx you too!

  3. Looks like a great time! Everyone wants to see the boy ))

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. That's it... That's all the story about the blond boy? :) Looked like you had so much fun! The parties you attend are great fun!

    1. Hahah I don't want to write all the details... :p in case he finds this!

  5. I want to eat sweets for dinner too! Actually I don't know if I really would lol I just wanna do it because it breaks the usual savory foods but I find that I prefer savory snacks more now >< Is it because I'm growing old? But but but the bf still likes his sweets =( Looks like a great event and I'm sure you were a hit with all the older people and men hahaha Hope fully you get to see blonde boy again!

    1. hahah I was half joking..we went from party to party those few nights we just ate whatever hors d'oeuvres were available/no proper meals!
      yea some were old and creepy! (& blonde boy perfect age...lol)

  6. Looks like a fun event! Do you know Virginia Heffernan? She's a writer in TO who specializes in the mining industry.

    Thx for connecting on Twitter. If you haven't already, pls check out my chocolate travel blog at http://diversionswithdoreen.com. Lots of luxury there!

    1. Nope don't know who she is! Checking out your blog now..


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