323. NYC + DC | Favourite Photos & Moments

sunrise from the plane
I'm back from an amazing several days in New York & Washington DC. I booked the trip a bit over a month and a half ago and after planning/looking forward to it for so long it's already over. I wish I could rewind time to a week ago today when I was frantically doing my last minute packing. So sad to be back..now I need something else to look forward to. Here's a quick post to sum up the trip - some of my favourite photos and favourite moments. (Though the photo above was my least favourite moment..having to come back home on my 6:30am flight. At least I got to see the beautiful sunrise) btw, please ignore all the different shapes and sizes of my photos..it's a mixture taken from my phone, camera, Instagram..

Toronto to New York NYC from the plane
Most exciting moment - landing in NYC! Wish I got a better shot of the landing..loved the view from above

Washington DC cherry blossoms
After the first night in New York, we took a roadtrip to Washington DC for the cherry blossoms.

Lincoln Memorial National Mall National Mall Washington Monument
Alexandria Virginia
Alexandria Virginia
Very cute old town Alexandria in Virginia

Pop's Ice Cream
Loved this ice cream shop. Best smores ice cream I've ever had!

Long Island Sound sunset
Back in NY. Drove back in time to see the sunset at Long Island

NYC skyline and Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn
NYC skyline from Brooklyn Heights

Grand Central Station
Every time I go on a trip there's always one random unexpected moment that I love the most/is the most special and memorable for reasons I can't explain. This time it was waiting at Grand Central Station overlooking the rush hour crowd.

Grand Central Station NYC Bentley St. Regis Hotel NYC
Times Square
Laduree macarons
Clover Canyon Aquarium dress
Got a new Clover Canyon dress! That's the only "shopping" I did. Will post more pics after I pick it up from the tailor. Also a lottttt more travel pics soon..

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  1. Very nice girl! Every time I see your photos I just wanna get on a plain!!! ;-)

    Super dress too! xxx


  2. Looks like you had an amazing
    time in the US! c:


  3. Looks like you had a fun time in DC and NYC. Love those cherry blossoms, unlike here we have no blooms yet except for more snow! Have a great weekend.

  4. Ooooh more please! Love the first shot above the clouds and the sun rising in the distance - but yikes on the early morning part LOL


  5. I love Alexandria, Virginia, will have to go there :) Did you go to other memorials in Washington?

    1. yea some of them..didn't have time/energy for all of them though :(

  6. Gorgeous dress<3

    & love D.C./Virginia~ A lot of American history packed in little areas. Totally crazy during the summer time so, it was awesome that you got to go when the weather was nice & with less crowds.

    I wonder if the Lincoln memorial still has wads of gum on it....


    1. I wish I was able to spend more time there now..didn't see enough!
      lol I didn't see any gum..

  7. I don't think my comment was saved, so here we go again: Lovely photos, especially the very first one. I would love to visit DC one day. It's definitely on my travel list!


  8. Wonderful picturex - I wish I was there myself.. NY is truly a fantastic city!

  9. very cool details of your unforgettable trip!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine


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