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St. Basil's Cathedral Leftbanked painting
Awkward pose (tried to get a good shot of my heels) + St. Basil's painting I did many years ago. Well I didn't want to spam you with too many travel posts in a row, so here's a big post of random photos I've taken in the past week or so. Plus some requested shoe pics!

Clover Canyon Aquarium Puzzle Dress
New Clover Canyon dress. I searched for so long to find this dress..now that I got it, I think I like my first one more.

Clover Canyon Aquarium Puzzle Dress
The back

Leftbanked Clover Canyon Pomeranian
My dog loves to include himself & his toys in my shots

Leftbanked dog Pomeranian
Posing nicely for you all

Moleskine drawings Baltika
I've decided to start doing my Moleskine drawings again. I haven't really done much "art" of any kind since I finished school but I do miss it. It's a great form of stress-relief. That one above is one of my favourites! I used to draw these a lot while sitting in lectures..& during summer days in cafes.

Moleskine drawings
The current one in progress..spent most of this week doing it

Laduree boxes
Gilead Cafe Jamie Kennedy
On Sunday I managed to drag myself out of bed to join a friend for brunch at Gilead Cafe

Gilead Cafe menu Cannoli Gilead Cafe
After having my first (& most amazing so far) cannoli a couple weeks ago in New York, I'm now on a mission to find a place that makes them just as good in Toronto. I think it would be slightly easier than my other goal of finding decent macarons here. So the cannoli from Gilead was good..& looked very pretty with the side of edible (?) flowers. Though unfortunately not as good as NYC's.

brunch Gilead cafe french toast Jamie Kennedy
The presentation of my french toast could've/should've been better. I did not want to eat that when it arrived! (That's exactly what it looked like when it came) I thought the taste would make up for the fact that it looks like it's swimming in vomit, but it didn't exactly. I would return to Gilead for sure but not going to order the french toast again!

Jamie Kennedy fries Gilead
At least the fries were good.

Pomeranian Leftbanked dog Pomeranian Leftbanked
These pics are in such a random order so here's some more photos of my dog!

Giuseppe Zanotti
Currently lusting after these..

iQ Food Co Blueberry Crunch Hot Box iQ Food Co Blueberry Crunch Hot Box
My favourite from iQ Food Co - Blueberry Crunch Hot Box..their hot boxes are so photogenic I'm always tempted to take a pic each time I get one. & another thing I'm love taking pics of:

Toronto city lights
outfit Leftbanked Moleskine drawing
Yonge & King Toronto cops
I came home earlier to find cops at the entrance of my building. Soon they blocked off the perimeter around my block, not allowing any people or cars through. (Deja vu of the G20 riots a few years ago with cops surrounding my building) Apparently there was a suspicious package left at our front entrance so they had to investigate. I asked them if it was safe to stay in the building. One told me no and that I should wait it out somewhere else. & another told me: "it's big enough to harm people but not an entire building" - referring to the "package"/bomb.

Yonge St cops

Since I am sometimes overly paranoid I decided to get away for some late night dinner:

Bar Isabel
Met up with my friend to check out Bar Isabel, a new tapas place. They have a really unique menu. Their food is delicious! Between my friend and I we ordered: raw horse, pig ears, roast squash, sobrassada crostini, and cured meats. My favourites were the ones I ordered - the Sobrassada & Honey Crostini (above photo on the right) and.....

Bar Isabel Toronto tapas
Roast Squash + Yogurt + Pomegranate + Sage (on the right)...soooooo good!!!

Bar Isabel pig ears
I was so fascinated by that huge ice cube in the drink..

Rachel Roy boots
& one more requested shoes pic!

PS - I really hope tomorrow will actually be 23 degrees. I'm starting to think Spring will never arrive..

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  1. wonderful dresses. gorgeous.
    love your picture selection!
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. I always love looking at your photos, though you always make me hungry with all that amazing looking food :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. Your Aquarium dress is very pretty. Shoes are gorgeous. Delicious food. For cannoli in Toronto, try the Yorkville Espresso Bar. They make one that looks like the one on your photo. It is owned by Italians so I would assume it is good.

    1. thanks, I'll be sure to try next time I'm in Yorkville!

  4. omg food porn! I'm so jealous...on a diet right now and u made me hungry again,
    love the dress tho, the print is great tiff!!


  5. Great dress and shoes! Love your drawings and food pics too. The image of these fries will stay with me for a while...


  6. your shoe collections is awesome! love them all! and the food looks so good

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  7. The dreeses hanged like that looks actually like a piece of art with the print it has! hahahah

  8. that french toast does look like it's swimming in vomit... but your new dress looks fabulous!

  9. Oh these heels! so perfect & sexy! xxx


  10. Was that a bottle of Dog Perignon? Hahahaha my pooch has the same one!



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