322. Off to NYC + DC

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With the exception of having to pack, I love the nights before a trip. So excited I won't be able to sleep! Tomorrow I leave for a short weekend getaway to the States..flying to NYC then roadtrip to Washington DC (cherry blossom season!) then back to NYC. Kind of a belated birthday trip. I booked it ages ago (a bit over a month, which seems like forever). Finally finished the dreaded task of packing. I never fully unpack after coming home from vacations - I had stuff left in my suitcase from my previous NYC trip during new year's as well as a marionette doll from Prague last summer..which will probably go back in the suitcase once I'm home again. I still don't know where to display it so its been living in my suitcase ever since.

So I actually started my shopping already lol. A few days ago I ordered another Clover Canyon dress online. Couldn't resist because it was the one I've been looking for even before I got my first one (also pictured above). It was the last one left, in the colour I wanted, and in my size. Had it shipped to my friend's parents' house which I will have by tomorrow..it's so convenient having a US address for online shopping (always free + no Canadian customs fees) Can't believe how obsessed I am with this brand - half of my excitement for this trip is to finally get that dress!

Once again I'm going to have my laptop/cell/internet/etc there so will try to update you all each night. Of course we already know there's a 95% chance that won't happen. But I will for sure be active on Instagram so follow me there if you want to see some pics!

I really wish the weather will be nice when I go. It's still not as warm as I was hoping for but at least it'll be trenchcoat weather! I took these photos last time when I was there for New Year's:

NYC from the plane aerial shot
NYC from the plane

Toronto aerial shot from plane winter
Toronto from the plane (depressing, hahah)



  1. have a nice stay ;)


  2. Have fun in NYC and Washington D.C.

  3. I hope that you have a great time! Can't wait to see your photos.


  4. Can't wait to see your pics and read all about it! x

  5. Have fun over there though I know you will hahahaha Can't wait to see your new dress and those are some killer heels your packing! I'm still in awe at how you traveled Europe in such high heels! Ironically I actually really like packing because it makes the trip feel more real but then again I'm always in a state of panic cause I usually forget something. Till this day I still make a check list of everything I need in detail. I find it's the things we use everyday that we forget to pack (like deodorants or shavers lol) However I hate unpacking! ><


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