328. we're up all night to get lucky

Daft Punk's Get Lucky = my new favourite song. & Now I really want these Be@rbricks - the 1000% sized ones!
The weather here in Toronto is finally getting more Spring-like..which means daily harbourfront dog walks and sitting at patios (even though we shivered through the first patio brunch)! Here is my semi-eventful week in photos:

Sunset at the harbour + view from the drive home

New Kusmi Teas to my collection + obligatory washroom shot at the Royal York Hotel

The Detox Market opened recently down the street from me. Great selection of Kusmi Tea here!

I love walking my dog late at night around my area. It's a nightmare walking him (super excited hyper Pomeranian) during the daytime/rush hour here when everyone's on the rat race to get home. (The Financial District website featured my photo on the left!)

Drinks & appetizers at one of my favourite places..Ki

Jarritos + my daily iQ Food Co Blueberry Crunch Hot Box with a side of suits. It really is all suits almost every time I go.

First patio of the year = brunch at O&B Canteen

The view from brunch / Entertainment District / King Street West

Spice Route in the evening for patio #2!

Closing time..that's why it looks empty in this pic, just in case you were wondering..

Tried a new restaurant called The Emerson with my foodie friend who seems to know about every new restaurant as soon as they open lol. This pork sausage was delicious!! I also discovered the "night" feature on my cell phone camera..I'm amazed at how this photo turned out in such a dark restaurant.

Lunch with my mom today at Guu - was kind of disappointed that their lunch menu is a lot smaller and totally different from the dinner menu. The food was still good but this place is definitely better in the evenings.



  1. I must say, looking at all the food photos you posted is making my mouth water!



    1. me too, when I'm looking at them again..

  2. You don't post very often but when you do, it's wow! You've been up to so much! I really envy all your restaurant meals since lately I haven't had many...


    1. hahah thanks! I'm actually trying not to eat out so much anymore..but not having much luck so far =\

  3. Very nice photos of Toronto. Finally, we have warm weather. Patio season begins!

  4. The Kusmi tee boxes are so perfect!
    and again your delicious food photos!!!! xxx



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