333. Pravda, Jump, Yogurty's Giveaway

Trying my best to update my blog more often these days! I'm thinking of switching over to Wordpress and getting someone to re-design my layout. It seems like a daunting process..have any of you made the switch from Blogger to Wordpress? I'm afraid I'm going to mess something up and lose some old posts, and not even sure how to switch my domain name over..

So I went to Pravda last weekend. It was fun but overall - one of the worst nights ever!! Not going to get into it. The acrobat was cool though.

At Bar Milano for Sangria & (surprisingly good) pizza beside the harbourfront:

LV Speedy & my olddddd "LVOE" bandeau

Dinner last night with my sister at Jump:

I had the gnocchi. It was ok..wouldn't order it again. Plus the portion is kind of small considering this is the larger size.

My new obsession this summer = Yogurty's ! I attended one of their media events last month when they opened their rooftop patio at the Liberty Village location. They also recently launched free WiFi across all their locations. We were treated with endless amounts of froyo (guilt-free since the yogurt is low calorie and made with real fruits). Since then I've gone there almost every week and tried most of the flavours. My favourites are: Watermelon Sorbet, Honey and Mango Sorbet.

They offered me two gift cards worth $10 to give to you. I am running this giveaway just for a couple of days (until Friday May 31). If you would like one, please comment here with your email address, OR tweet me OR send me an email! I will pick the winners randomly from the first 10 entries I get. Giveaway only open to Ontario residents. Enjoy!!



  1. hi tiffany !

    I would love to win the giftcard!!

    my email is jjycherries@gmail.com


  2. Great to see you post more these days. I would think twice about moving to WP. Maybe check first if the new design you have in mind could be achieved with Blogger? Good luck with this.


    1. hmm why is that? WP is a lot more flexible with layouts and has more plug-in options though

    2. I'm not an expert on this. I just recently moved between two Blogger profiles. I wanted to entirely remove my old profile and I had to relink all my photos to my new account (almost 3000 pics; blogger only lets you transfer photos once after that you got to do it manually). It took me weeks to complete this...

    3. oh wow that sucks..I'm really hesitant to move mine because anything unexpected like that can go wrong

    4. I think that there are some good articles about platform moving pros and cons online. Better to know ahead what the consequences could be.

  3. This is great and so tempting!

    Join Oasap giveaway on my blog here http://theswiftlet.blogspot.com/2013/05/oasap-giveaway-open-internationally.html

  4. Hi Tiffany my co-worker actually told me about yogurty's today & how amazing their yogurt flavours are :D i'll love to win a gift-card so i can pay them a visit! my email is mayekunu@gmail.com

  5. hey tiff,

    i really like this blog, as it shows a side of toronto i can yet afford.
    you should checkout the metropolitan soho sometime great hotel.

    keep up this great site as i check it quite often and i've got to try pravda soon. cheers.


    1. thanks! I have been to the Soho a few times it's nice!

  6. So many beautiful places you've visited! Lucky you!
    And I am also addicted to frozen yogurts! So yummy :)



  7. hmm I don't live in Ontario all year long but my godparents do and I'd love to win the gift card to try that place out when I come in August, so maybe I can still participate? :)because it all just looks too delicious! yum! I'm craving for some frozen yogurt now
    PS! I'm also getting more and more curious to visit Pravda myself, who knows, maybe I'll get to do that this summer! :)

  8. oops sorry I ended it last night already! you should still go and try it when you come though ;) and Pravda as well!


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