330. Stock, Soho House, Malaparte, Rosewater

Dinner at STOCK - the restaurant on top of the Trump Hotel. The dish above is Burrata cheese (I know it kind of looks like an egg). Absolutely delicious!

So it's already May 18th again. I can't believe it's been exactly a year since I left on my solo Eurotrip. A year ago today I'd be doing last minute packing to fly off to London, my first destination. Time flies by so fast..funny thing is I still have about 20 blog posts left to post from that trip. Plus some more from the trips I took in between (I'm so slow on my blog these days!)
In about 3 weeks I'm off to NYC again. I think after that I'm going to start seriously saving up to return to Europe.

Here's some photos of what I've been up to this week..

I love the decor at Stock

The main course. It's some type of fish, though I can't remember the name. Very good though. The waiter rattled off like five different types of fish dishes they had that evening. I didn't know what any of them were, so after he said the last one I just went "ok I'll take that one".

Picking out dessert from the chocolate cart

Lobby of the Trump

My dog, completely knackered from the doggie playdate he had today + my new favourite cafe, which just opened last week down the street from me. It's called Dineen Coffee. I don't drink coffee at all (but I assume it's probably quite good here). I love the atmosphere in there..reminds me a bit of cafes in Paris. Well the red banquette seating just reminds me of Cafe de Flore. Their pastries are also delicious - I kind of think Petite Thuet makes it for them.

Here's the interior

Afternoon Tea at the Soho House yesterday. Loved their finger sandwiches.

The very rustic interiors

Cowshed products in the washroom

Couldn't get a good shot of this room. There was a table of people in there having a meeting or something & I didn't want to awkwardly snap photos in front of them

Media lunch at Malaparte

The lunch was held at Malaparte, at the top of Bell Lightbox. I love the rooftop terrace! The last time I came was for Nikki Beach/TIFF 2011..the view is definitely better at night.

I also dropped by the Skinnygirl event at Rosewater earlier this week. Bethenny Frankel came and as you can see, she was quite excited to be here..



  1. Great to catch up with what you've been up. The food looks awesome and I could see myself have coffee at Dineen. Reading your posts makes me realise that city life is so much more exciting (than my country life)... I would have gone to the Bethenny event too. Since I'm a huge Real Housewives fan and watched when she used to be on the show.

    1. I've never lived in the countrysides before but I definitely love the city a lot more than my previous suburban life
      She was my favourite on the show!

  2. looks awesome!!

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  3. These places you featured are very cool places to visit. The food looks so delicious. Your dog is so adorable.

  4. Wow, I haven't been here for a while and am slowly catching up on your posts lol *excuse - it's hard to get back to blogging after vaca =P* All the food looks great and I've been wanting to try Cowshed products for a while but couldn't really get my hands on them. Hope they were as good as I heard (though you probably only tried the hand soap lol)

    The chocolate cart looks amazing!!! Oh I have that problem too when waiters tell me about their daily specials. I either only hear the last one or if there was one that caught my attention I blank out all the other ones after that LOL

    P.S I'm sure we're both missing europe, can't believe it's been one year since our trips!

    1. I understand..every time I come back from vacation there's always a large amount of unread posts I have to go through lol.
      yea it's been so long..maybe next time we'll go at the same time again too hahah

    2. It'd be amazing if we could go somewhere at the same time again! I still enjoy your posts from europe and especially paris! Post them!!! LOL

  5. Beautiful photos! And the food looks delicious!

  6. Absolutely delicious as always!!!! The picture of your dog is the best!!! Kiss


  7. Gahhh so much food porn and more chocolate! Always love to see your culinary adventures!


  8. I love your pictures but makes me sooo hungry haha
    Looks like you know where to get the bestest food !!



  9. wow, i love this place!
    great pics!

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  10. super amazing places!!
    really loved, so i stay here :-)

    Sergio, xx


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