359. London | Rydges Kensington Hotel

Rydges Kensington hotel room
Rydges Kensington
61 Gloucester Road
London SW7 4PE
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)20 7584 8100

The Rydges Kensington was one of the hotels I stayed at in London last month. I really enjoyed my stay here and would definitely return. The location is excellent. It's about a 3min walk from Gloucester Road station, and walkable distance (~15min) to Kensington Gardens, museums (V&A, Natural History), Harrods, South Kensington, Chelsea, numerous great restaurants and shops. It's a centrally located hotel for some of my favourite areas of the city.

Rydges Kensington Hotel
Here is the exterior. One thing I didn't really like was the small entrance. It's a few steps up then a (non-automatic) door which was a bit tricky to get in with all my luggage.

Rydges Kensington
The staff here were very friendly and helpful. I arrived here a couple hours early, and they were able to accommodate an earlier check-in for me. They're also great at giving directions and recommendations for places to go around the area.

Rydges Kensington
Rydges Kensington hotel
Rydges Kensington lobby
Rydges Kensington Executive King
My room was an "Executive King Room". I loved it! It was very clean and bright with amenities such as a Bluetooth media hub, Uno phone, cozy bathrobes, heated towel rack, espresso machine, magazines, etc. Unfortunately there was an extra charge for WiFi.

Rydges Kensington Hotel
Rydges Kensington washroom
Rydges Kensington toiletries
Rydges Kensington
Rydges Kensington minibar
Gloucester Road
View from the elevator area

Rydges Kensington breakfast
The buffet-style breakfast had fruit cups and a small selection of pastries.

Rydges Kensington Polo Bar
Dinner at their cozy Polo Bar

Polo Bar Rydges Hotel
Polo Bar burger
The burger was delicious!

Polo Bar Kensington

Rates: Starting around £200 for Standard Rooms and £249 for Executive Rooms. Click here to book!

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  1. It looks like a very neat and cosy hotel! I love the view of the colourful houses.

  2. South Kensington is my favourite location for hotels there in London. It is near the major Museums, Department stores plus you can walk around Chelsea. Very good review. Too bad wi-fi is not free.

    1. it is my favourite area as well..I stayed there last year too when I visited London for the first time so it's the most familiar area for me!

  3. wow what a place! and I definitely feel like having a burger now...

  4. Really nice, and truly different that the hotels in London I've been, clean and cute, great ellection, and I specially love those colourful shower baths Tiffany, I am sure you enjoyed the stay a lot.

  5. You always stay at amazing hotels!

    Elegantesque Blog

  6. Haven't heard of this hotel but it looks great! I hate it when they charge for Wi-Fi I mean it should be free in such hotels nowadays! xoxo ES

  7. nice post!


  8. I still don't understand why so many hotels don't give complimentary wifi! It should be an necessity already!!! I really like their cozy bars, sometimes larger bars/places give off a cold sterile feel? Am I making sense? lol but truthfully, I always wish it's just myself with my guest when I go to small areas, or else it feels like everyone is listening in to your conversation ><


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