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Opera Garnier Paris
I decided to go to Paris for several days at the end of my trip to London, right before coming back to Toronto. As many of you probably know already, Paris is my favourite city in the world. I always feel like I'm in a dream when I'm there. & I never want to leave. I miss it a lot now when I look through these photos. It's also impossible to take a bad photo there..the entire city is just so beautiful! Here's some random shots:

Opera Garnier
Opera Garnier
Opera Garnier
Breguet Place Vendome
Place Vendome
Place Vendome Dior
Arc de Triomphe
Eiffel Tower
Louvre at night
Philipp Plein Paris
Carousel Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower Carousel
Jeff Koons balloon dogs
I was so excited to have found these! Saw them in a shop window right before meeting a friend for lunch, then went back immediately to buy them afterwards. I LOVE the balloon dogs by Jeff Koons. These are obviously not originals but will do for now. This photo was taken on my hotel room balcony.

Sadaharu Aoki Patisserie
Sadaharu Aoki chocolate
Sadaharu Aoki
Sadaharu Aoki is one of my favourite patisseries. I visited last time in Paris as well (& posted about it here)

Eiffel Tower
Paris crepes
Tour Eiffel

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  1. It seems like ages ago when we met in Paris! I must try this p√Ętisserie when I go there next, hopefully in spring 2014.

  2. omg! paris such a beautiful city and love their pastry lol xx

    Little Miss Olen.

  3. Paris truly have the best Architecture, Monuments and most of all those sweets are to die for! Bon weekend!

  4. Gorgeous photos as always! You're such a jet setter =D I also want to try Sadaharu Aoki's sweets if I ever get a chance to! (it was on my list but then it never happened hahaha) Did you meet any strangers this time? =)

    P.S A few years ago I was obsessed with candy apples too and ate them so much to the point that I got sick of them (I always do that) My favorite is caramel with green apple or the hard sugar with red, what's yours?

    PP.S No travel plans for the holidays yet but maybe a few for the coming year, I'm actually trying to refrain from travelling in December to save money >< How about yourself?

    1. Thanks! You should go next time you're in Paris. I met a couple but no interesting stories this time lol

      I like the red hard sugar one the most too!

      No travel plans for the holidays yet either..but hopefully something will come up!


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