372. Paris | Li Chen Exhibition at Place Vendome

Li Chen Place Vendome
When I was in Paris, I came upon these sculptures at Place Vendome. They are all by a Taiwanese sculptor named Li Chen. I was actually browsing through Instagram when I was there, looking through the #Paris hashtag when I saw photos of them. I thought they were so interesting I had to go take a look. The only available time I had to go was this rainy evening, so unfortunately my photos came out kind of dark.

Place Vendome
Place Vendome Li Chen exhibition
Place Vendome Li Chen Exhibition
Li Chen
Li Chen Place Vendome
Place Vendome
Li Chen Place Vendome
Les Marquis de Laduree
Les Marquis de Laduree: They were closed when I walked by. I think I'd prefer their macarons rather than chocolate (don't like chocolate that much) but the chocolates look so beautiful on the website..

Laduree Chocolate boutique
Seine River
Notre Dame 850 Years
Notre Dame Paris
Notre Dame Paris
On my last night in Paris I walked around the Notre Dame area.

Cafe Panis
Cafe Panis
I went for dinner at this place called Cafe Panis, right by the cathedral. The food was pretty good for a touristy spot. I had a nice chat with the waiter, who was pretty excited when he found out I was from Toronto. He lived here for one summer before and really likes it here. I wish we could trade cities.

Shakespeare and Co bookstore
Shakespeare and Company Paris
After the dinner, I went walking and stumbled across Shakespeare and Company, which apparently is quite a famous bookstore? I've seen photos of the shop before, and never knew where it was. It was definitely a cool feeling to randomly find it. This is one of my favourite things about travelling..finally seeing something in person (especially when least expected) after seeing it in photos so many times.

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  1. I had heard about the sculptures but unfortunately I didn't get to see them. The pasta looks so good, I wouldn't mind having this for lunch today.

  2. Paris Paris Paris! Amazing! xxx


  3. It has been awhile!! I still love browsing through your lovely travels
    These sculptures certainly are unique! I miss Laduree macarons they prob taste better in paris than anywhere else? haha


  4. beautiful photos, makes me miss paris so much!


  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Gorgeous photos!



  6. Very beautiful photos. The sculptures are so cute and rounded xx


  7. I saw this Exhibition, it was just amazing ! Your photos of Paris are wonderful ! Have a lovely weekend :)

  8. What a collection of pics! The food.. the exhibition..Paris.. love it all!

    Like my Facebook page!


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