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Cristal rose Bearbrick
Random photos found on my phone from the past few weeks..most are food photos (as usual?)

Toronto view from Canoe
As some of you know, Canoe is one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. Thanks to the cold weather, Canoe being connected to the underground path (which my building is also - so luckily I don't have to step outdoors), and them having the most delicious Beef Wellington sliders I've ever tasted..I've been going there more and more often these days. We always sit at the same spot with this view.

Canoe sliders
The beef sliders and "sammies" on the right - with bacon, cheddar and smoked mustard mayonnaise. I hate mustard and mayo but these were delicious!!

Canoe Niagara Apples dessert
Niagara Apples dessert

Canoe red velvet cake
Red Velvet cake

burger sliders Canoe
Different night from the above - the beef sliders again & vegetable spring rolls..so good!

Paris Vogue The Beckhams Dec 2013
The December 2013 issue of Paris Vogue. I HAD to get it because of the cover..I love the Beckhams!

Earlier this month I went to the Wedluxe show (for work purposes) - an annual luxury wedding show in the Royal York Hotel.

WedLuxe Valencienne
Wedluxe couture gowns
Wedluxe 2014 macaron Eiffel Tower
Amsterdam BrewHouse schnitzel
Dinner one night at Amsterdam BrewHouse. I had the chicken schnitzel. The previous time I went to this place was in the middle of summer. I remember sitting outside on the patio, with the sun shining down on me. I almost melted because it was so hot. But that night when we went..it was extremely cold and the lake was pretty much frozen. I can't wait for warmer weather to arrive again..so Hennessy and I can take daily harbourfront walks again:

Memories of Japan teppanyaki
Last weekend we went for a teppanyaki dinner at Memories of Japan for my dad's (belated) birthday dinner.

teppanyaki Memories of Japan
Cracking the egg on his knife

teppanyaki onion flame



  1. Seeing your pics reminds me that I haven't had many restaurant outings recently. So cool that you have this underground path. I imagine it's similar to the one in Montréal, like an underground city? Great to read your update. Looking forward for more, as always.

    1. yep, it is like an underground city! I love it down there

  2. Oooh your puppy is so adorable. Love that view, will have to eat there if I ever make it up to Toronto!

    Hope you've been well lovely,

    1. thanks, you should definitely go if you're ever visiting.
      hope you've been well too :)

  3. thanks, the schnitzel was pretty good!

  4. OMG.. you food photos are insane.. fuck im hungryyy~~~ :P

    www.tommieandi.com xxxx

  5. Oh wow!! You've been to the most amazing places and eaten the most delicious food!!

    Jenna || Jennafifi.co.uk

  6. nice pics, looks great!! :)


  7. Such incredible images! Also those burger sliders look INCREDIBLE!!!

    Josie xoxo
    Fashion Mumblr


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