385. 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower

CN Tower 360 Restaurant view
A few nights ago we went for dinner at 360, the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN Tower. The restaurant continually spins around (very slowly of course) and makes a full 360 degrees so you can see all views around the city no matter where you sit.
Unsurprisingly, this is a place more popular with tourists than with locals. Including this time, I've only been here to eat three times in my life. The first time many years ago was with my family on the day one of the Harry Potter books were released. I remember I was so excited that I brought the book to read while at the restaurant. After that, we went to watch the Mamma Mia musical. The second time was with my sister a couple years ago at Horizons Restaurant, one floor below 360. I thought I had blogged about it but I can't seem to find the post anymore...
From all those times I post about Canoe, I'm sure you know I love top-floor restaurants with a view over the city. That is the best thing about 360. I like the atmosphere and the food isn't bad..but definitely not amazing.

360 Restaurant CN Tower
After a quick elevator ride, we were escorted to one of these comfy booth seats

Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon with Mussels
Pan Seared Atlantic Salmon with PEI Mussels
with fingerling potatoes, wilted spinach and saffron cream

360 Restaurant Alberta AAA Peppered Striploin Steak
Alberta AAA Peppered Striploin Steak
with Yukon Gold mashed potato, French beans, Cognac, and green peppercorn sauce

360 Restaurant view
In between the main course and dessert, I went to snap more photos..

360 Restaurant view from the top
A lot of my pics came out so blurry..think it's time to upgrade the camera..

360 Restaurant Toronto
360 Restaurant Dessert Pumpkin Tart
My Ontario Pumpkin Tart with Cinnamon Custard (and vanilla ice cream). I love pumpkin pie. I went through a phase last year around Thanksgiving when I ate it every single day for about three weeks. I was really excited to see it on the menu..but unfortunately it didn't taste as good as I hoped.

360 Restaurant mango sorbet
The mango sorbet was delicious though!

CN Tower view from the top

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  1. I would have ordered the salmon too! I have been to a similar restaurant in Dusseldorf, revolving and high up. But it didn't look as glamourous as this one!

  2. This is amazing! The food looks delicious ! so happy you got to be there.
    I have it on my wish list :)
    - Elsey


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