492. Capri | Snapshots Part 2

Via Krupp Capri
I can't believe it has already been a month since I left on vacation! My flight was last month on the 17th..and I arrived in Europe the morning of the 18th. Wish I could turn back time and relive it all. I'm still pretty slow with my blog posts. I think I have about 12 more or so left to go. I'm currently thinking of where I want to go on my next trip. There's so many places I want to go but I really want to go somewhere unlike any other place I've been before. I recently read an article about Madagascar and now that is high on my list. Actually I've been wanting to go to Tanzania in the near future. That's actually my travel dream or I guess ultimate dream in life. It will also be the most expensive trip I ever take. I'm going to try to go within the next couple years.

Here are some more photos from Capri! The photo above shows Via Krupp - a winding trail taken from above at the Augustus Gardens. I'm not sure if anyone really walks there..because in all the photos I've seen and even while I was there, it was empty.
The Augustus Gardens are very small but beautiful. The panoramic views from up there are amazing. Some of you probably know my favourite colour is blue. I especially love teal blue so I was so mesmerized by the waters there.

By the way - about an hour before I was here and took these photos, there was an extreme thunderstorm!! Crazy how it went from that to the beautiful weather in such a short amount of time.

teal blue waters
Via Krupp Capri
Via Krupp Capri
Gardens of Augustus Capri
Gardens of Augustus Capri
Augustus Gardens Capri
Augustus Gardens Capri
Faraglioni Capri
Augustus Gardens Capri
Giardini di Augusto Capri
Carthusia Perfume Capri
This perfume is very popular in Capri. I bought one as a souvenir for my mom.

Capri streets
Capri Italy
Capri Italy
Capri Italy
Terrazza Brunella Restaurant Capri
That night I went for dinner alone and chose Terrazza Brunella - for their wonderful online reviews and amazing views. The atmosphere in there was extremely romantic lol. I would never go somewhere like that alone if I wasn't on vacation but since I was, I didn't care. The service there was really good. Maybe too good that it made me a bit uncomfortable..it was kind of quiet when I went, so I had like 3 waiters serving me.

Terrazza Brunella Capri
Terrazza Brunella Capri
I should've taken some photos before it got too dark. The views were really amazing.

Terrazza Brunella Caprese Salad
Terrazza Brunella Salmon
To be honest, I didn't like the food that much. It was good but wasn't amazing (as I expected it to be based on their reviews). The best thing about this restaurant is definitely the views and the atmosphere.



  1. I can't believe it's already a month! I remember sitting by your pool as if it was yesterday. Too bad I missed out on that restaurant but I had this throbbing in my head after our boat tour...

    1. I know! Time goes by so fast.
      lol I wish I had a headache after the boat rather than during it as well =\


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