488. Rome | Snapshots Part 1

Piazza Navona fountains
Here are some photos taken when I was in Rome. I was looking on my map of Rome to get all the names right for this post..and realized just how little of the city I've seen. Like I probably saw less than 10% of all the sights during my days there. That was my second time in Rome actually. The first time I went when I was 17 years old...& when I went again last week, I realized I have almost no recollection of anything from my first visit. I only vaguely remembered the area around the Pantheon, and pretty vividly remembered the gelato shop I went to during my first visit lol. Even the area around the Colosseum was different from what I remembered. I enjoyed the city more this time but I hope to be back again in the near future, to stay longer and visit more places.

Palazzo Manfredi Hotel Rome
Some welcome treats and champagne from my hotel

Colosseum Rome
Walking out to explore for the first time. This is how close my hotel was to the Colosseum! My posts are really out of order. I first visited the Roman Forum. I don't have photos of that for this post, but I will post about it next time.

Rome statues
Foro Traiano
Gelato displays
Dolce and Gabbana windows Rome
Rome street signs
streets of Rome
Piazza Venezia
Rome fountains
Pantheon Rome
Pantheon Roma
Rome Pantheon
Really love that light blue building.

Pantheon Rome
Gelato in Rome
This is the gelato shop I remembered going to during my first time in Rome. Then I took a photo in front of the Pantheon with one of those (fake) gladiators.

Piazza Venezia Rome
I had to be pretty patient taking this photo..waiting for those rare seconds where there were no cars or people in the way of a good shot (well, as little as possible). That was one major difference between Capri and Rome. In Capri, the streets were always pretty quiet and people didn't stay out too late. So I was able to take a lot of nice people-free photos. In Rome, there's always tons of people everywhere so it was harder to take nice shots.

Palazzo Manfredi Rome
Settling in for the night with some champagne by myself. That was my first time opening a bottle of champagne and it took way more effort and way longer than it should've lol. At least now I know how to do it though.

Colosseum View Palazzo Manfredi
Loved going to sleep with this view...



  1. It's unbelievable how many tourists roam around Rome! It's much more noticeable than in Paris or London. I'm about to plan my next trip away... still have to pick a destination though!

    1. Yea in Rome it's so packed in the entire areas of all the attractions..
      How exciting..let me know where you decide!!

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  3. Fresh photos!



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