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Capri villas
The other hotel I stayed at in Capri was Casa Morgano. It's another 5 star hotel located along Via Tragara, but closer to the beginning of the street rather than the very end like my other hotel (Punta Tragara Hotel, which I reviewed in that post!). The design of this hotel was quite different from my first. This one seemed like a quintessential Capri-style villa with beautiful tiled floors throughout, of hand-painted majolica. The suites are furnished with antique furniture with floor to ceiling windows and large sea-view terraces. I stayed in a "Junior Suite with Sea View". It was incredibly spacious with a huge terrace (consisting of a table and two lounge chairs), a sitting area, king sized bed and a large bathroom (which was my favourite part of my stay! You'll see why later). The bathroom had a shower and a jacuzzi bathtub which I spent hours in every night.

Casa Morgano is the newest hotel in the collection of luxury hotels owned by the Morgano family of Capri. Their other hotels include La Scalinatella, Hotel Flora, and Grand Hotel Qvisisana. The family has welcoming guests into their hotels since 1880; providing everyone with warm island hospitality.

Casa Morgano Capri

Check-In: My check-in was extremely quick. I was going to Pompeii that day so I had to do the changeover from Punta Tragara to Casa Morgano early in the morning, to then leave in time to meet our guide in Pompeii. Punta Tragara gave them a call for me to let them know that I was on my way and to arrange my luggage transfer from one hotel to the next. I didn't expect my room to be ready already so early in the morning, but it was. I arrived (it was about a 5 minute walk away) and they checked me in very quickly, brought me to my suite, showed me around, etc. They knew I was heading to Pompeii right after so they provided me with some details on how to get there and back. Pompeii was amazing by the way! I will dedicate a full post to it next time.

The staff here were extremely nice and friendly. They were easy to talk to and made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. They all greeted me by name when I came and left, and always ensured I was having a good time at the hotel and on my trip overall. For example, the next morning after I visited Pompeii, they asked if I had a good time there (when it wasn't even the same people at front desk who I had told the day before that I was going). They were also very helpful and told me to give the hotel a call if I was out, and ever needed assistance with anything.

Casa Morgano Suite
Casa Morgano Terrace
Capri view
Casa Morgano Capri
Casa Morgano bathroom
I had said the bathroom was my favourite part about staying here..and here's why!! I don't know if you can tell from the photos, but this jacuzzi was huge. It took a long time to fill up but was so worth it. The water pressure was really good too in both the jets and shower head, which usually isn't the case in old buildings such as this. So I was very happy with that.

Casa Morgano Jacuzzi Tub
Casa Morgano Whirlpool Tub
Casa Morgano Capri
Casa Morgano Capri
Casa Morgano washroom
Casa Morgano Hotel Capri
Casa Morgano Suite Terrace
Capri pool
Casa Morgano Capri
Casa Morgano Capri
Casa Morgano Breakfast

Check Out: I think I already talked about this in a previous post, but the morning I was to check out was extremely hectic and stressful. Well, thanks to the hotel staff who assisted me, my stress levels had lessened a bit lol.

That morning, I was supposed to leave Capri to go to Rome. I had already booked my boat to take me from Capri to Naples, then at the train station there I'd go to Rome.

The night before, I had everything planned out with the hotel. They sorted out a schedule for me as to what time my wake up call would be, what time they would come get my luggage, what time I should be having breakfast, what time I needed to leave to get to the port on time, etc.

That morning, a storm was coming so there was a lot of wind and the sea was rough. All the high speed boats (which is what I had booked) were cancelled because of this and the only boat leaving Capri all of that morning and afternoon was a ferry, scheduled to leave earlier than my originally planned departure time (with the other boat). I only found out about this when front desk called me early in the morning, while I was still sleeping, to let me know. I panicked of course, but they kept me calm and helped me figure out a Plan B to get on the ferry and still make it on time. I was still a bit rushed (as you can see in the photo above, I didn't have time for much of a breakfast...)

In the end everything worked out and I am so grateful for the hotel for helping me and letting me know about the boat cancellation. If they didn't inform me, I don't think I would've known. & most likely would not have made it to Rome that day.

Casa Morgano Capri lobby
Casa Morgano Capri



  1. Finally I get to see the other room that you had. I love the amazing balcony and the beautiful pool! Oh yes, and during my stay there, I could only have dreamed of such a bath tub!!!

  2. I want to fly to Milan now!! ;)


  3. I love Milan! Isn't it always the way that we either have time but no money or money but no time!


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