487. Capri | Snapshots Part 1

Capri Italy
From now on, my posts from the Italy trip are not going to be in chronological order. I will still post about everything though but I'm going to mix up the different cities so it will be more interesting for you (and me to post about). Here are some random photos taken from Capri. It was my first time visiting there. I spent 4 nights there which is just enough time to see all the attractions and do all the major excursions (like visiting Pompeii and the boat tour) but I wish I had some more time there to just relax. I hope to be back someday. It would be nice to spend a month there or so.

Capri map
Limoni di Capri
Lemon Granita Stand Capri
Capri villa
Can you see what I was taking a photo of here? He was staring at me until I took the shot.

Punta Tragara suite Capri
My little office set up. Wish I could actually live there!

Punta Tragara Junior Suite
By the way if you missed it, full review here

juice stand Capri
The juice stand beside my hotel. I unfortunately did not have such a good experience here. I ordered an orange juice for 5 euros (which was also the tiniest cup ever - it was like in one of those small cups you get from a water cooler). After I got it I took a big sip..then looked closer to see a dead fly in there. So I just threw out the whole thing.

view from Capri
Capri arrival
Via Camerelle Capri
Via Tragara Capri
Via Tragara Capri
Walking on Via Tragara towards my hotel (located at the very end of the street). It's a pretty nice and scenic walk, though pretty creepy at night when it's all dark. It's mainly hotels and villas along here. No shops or restaurants.

Gatto Bianco Capri
streets of Capri
streets of Capri
La Capannina Capri
On our final night in Capri, we went for dinner at this restaurant called La Capannina. It seems a lot of celebrities come to eat here (judging by their wall of photos outside the restaurant, and autographs on the back of their menu) but to be honest I don't know why. Well the food is actually quite good, but so are a lot of other restaurants in Capri. There's also nothing special about the location since it's right in the middle of where all the other restaurants are. I just don't know why this one stands out so much for celebs. When we were eating, paparazzi even came in looking around to see if there were any celebrities there that night lol.

Ristorante La Capannina Capri
La Capannina Capri
THIS was really good!!! I had burrata cheese only a few times before as it's not too popular here, but in Italy I ate it several times. This was definitely the best. The tomatoes were so fresh and juicy, and seasoned just right. This was actually my appetizer and it was much larger than I expected. The cheese was so filling I was afraid I wouldn't have room for my main course..which I did, and left incredibly stuffed.

La Capannina Capri
This was my main course, a grilled salmon. I thought it was pretty dry. I don't know if that's just how they make it there (I ordered the same starter and main a different restaurant which I'll post about next time) and I also thought it was quite dry.

Punta Tragara Capri pool



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  2. The Lemon Granita stand is where I bought an ice cream and it was one of the best I had while in Italy. So nice to see these photos... can't believe it's almost two weeks already! I don't know why Capannina is so popular with celebs; maybe because it has the history with Jackie O and Aristotle Onassis, something not many restaurants may claim.

    1. Ooh I wish I had tried it!
      Yea our time there went by so fast as well :( Wish we were back there still!


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