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health smoothie
Recently I've been really into making these smoothies at home, since I got a new blender (thanks to my mom). I make 2-3 a day now. My favourite is a green smoothie (kale + apple + pineapple + banana + some more kale + chia seeds + coconut water). It's sooo good. In the photo above I added blueberries to it..but I like the taste better without the blueberries. Just thought it made for a nicer photo to add some blue in there lol. I also like the combination of blueberries + banana + pineapple + almond milk though but if you make that one, just be sure to add a lot more liquid because it gets really thick. That's good for smoothie bowls I guess. I used to hate the idea of smoothies though because I don't like dairy (milk or yogurt) and creamy drinks which is what I thought they all consisted of. But now I love making them with non-dairy ingredients.

I really look forward to getting my renovations finally done and a brand new kitchen..so then I can cook more and I'll definitely be posting a lot more about that here lol.

chia seeds smoothie
ninja blender
I have this Ninja Professional blender..I love how it only makes one cup. Very convenient.

coconut water
Does anyone know the best brand of coconut water there is? There's so many and I don't really know which is the best quality/safest which I want since I drink it so much now as you can see.

chia cacao maca powder
I also got these to mix in to my smoothies. I use chia seeds and maca powder in all my smoothies. The only one I haven't tried so far is cacao powder which I'm not even sure why I bought because I don't like chocolate (if you recall me saying)..but I thought I could add it in anything that didn't taste that good. Even though I don't like chocolate it would be a more familiar taste if you know what I mean. So far all my smoothies have been good so I haven't had the need to add it in lol. I guess I will try it in my oatmeal sometime (whenever I get around to making oatmeal).

green smoothie
delysees eclairs
delysees toronto
saks toronto windows
saks toronto windows
saks fifth avenue windows
saks windows
Irish Embassy
Chicken fingers @ Irish Embassy

real sports bar
Chicken fingers @ Real Sports Bar

stellasport sports bras
My new Adidas/Stella McCartney/Stellasport sports bras!! I really enjoy doing yoga now and I have an addiction to buying new workout clothes. They are a great motivation.

asian desserts
wedluxe show 2017
Canada 150 pass
This year is the 150th anniversary of Canada! All the national parks and many attractions across the country are free admission this year. I am so excited to explore more of my own country this summer!

leftbanked outfit


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