554. New Year's Eve 2016

Majestic NYE 2016
Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all had a great start to the new year! I had the best night at the Royal York Hotel's "Majestic NYE" event. We booked it pretty last minute (like right before Christmas) and it was kind of spur of the moment..up until then I had no plans for NYE but I'm so glad we ended up going to this. There was a dinner, show and dance. The Royal York Hotel is also very close to where we live and connected in the underground path, so we were able to walk there in heels and no coat either which was great because it was freezing rain that night..& we didn't need to fight for a cab home afterwards!

We had a group of 5 people and we were sat with another group of 5 (as each table was 10 people). They were awesome and very friendly. Our table was also in front of the stage/dance floor but not right beside where it would be crowded..so it was perfect. I wanted to get a sequins dress but didn't have time to shop for one..so I wore my white one (same one on the sidebar of my blog)

Leftbanked NYE 2016
Majestic NYE
Majestic NYE Royal York
Majestic NYE dinner
It was a 3-course dinner starting with a mushroom soup, then chicken, & sticky toffee pudding for dessert. The food was ok..I liked the soup and part of the dessert but the main dish wasn't that good. I didn't expect the food to be spectacular anyway as there was about 60 tables/600 people to serve. But overall it was a nice experience.

So I'm really into food presentation and I kept trying to figure out what they were trying to do with the chocolate but I had no idea lol. The ice cream was half melted for everyone when it arrived (understandable) but the chocolate circle thing was at a different spot for each plate (that I saw)..I'm not sure where that was supposed to be. For the guy beside me it was actually on the edge of his plate lol like it was trying to fly off.

Majestic NYE 2016
Majestic NYE Royal York Hotel
Performances by Glisse on Ice

Majestic NYE Royal York
After dinner there was dancing! It got more crowded as more people came (some came for dinner and dance like us but most people just came afterwards for the dance) and they had three different ballrooms/DJs. We kept going back and forth from this one and one other one. We had an amazing night and were so exhausted by the time we got back! It was a perfect night to end the year. I'm very excited for 2017 :)

Some souvenirs from the night. The ring I got during my first trip to Paris (with my mom) at the Moulin Rouge show.

new years eve 2016

& this is on New Year's Eve's Eve! I went with my family to see "ET Live" (ET as in the Extra Terrestrial movie). They played the movie on a large screen above a live orchestra who played the background music/soundtrack throughout. It was really enjoyable and I'm pretty sure my first time ever watching that movie! I didn't take any photos during the performance, but here was our dinner. We went to Sukhothai, which is currently my favourite Thai restaurant in the city. I love their pad thai & coconut water:

Coconut water
veggie rolls Sukhothai
Sukhothai cashew chicken
I've been here so many times but that was my first time trying their cashew chicken dish. It was delicious! We all loved it. We also got the veggie rolls, a veggie pad thai and beef khao soi.

Sukhothai Khao Soi
pad thai Sukhothai
apple cider



  1. The Royal York Event NYE looks a fun way to celebrate the New Year! But I agree with you that the Thai food is more delicious. Happy New Year Tiffany.

  2. So nice to see a picture of you on your blog! That happens pretty rarely. Well, it looks like you had a wonderful start into the new year. I'm so excited that we will get to see each other again this summer. 2017 will be awesome!

    1. Lol it is extremely rare..I am going to try to do it more this year.
      Me too..I'm so excited!!


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