556. Hong Kong | Snapshots Part 1

Hong Kong
Its been a while since I did a post from my trip to Asia! I really hope I can get them all posted before my next trip lol. I still have over 30 posts lined up =\ Here are some random photos from Hong Kong. As many of you know, that's where my family is from so I go back quite often. Well more often than other countries. I realized this time when I was there that I didn't take as many photos as I used to there (in HK) because places and things are starting to feel more normal to me, the more I visit. I still took a lot of photos but not nearly as many as I did while at the other places from the trip where everything was new to me. Then I started wondering if it's still considered "travelling" after you've visited a place so many times/visit regularly. For me travelling is exploring new places, seeing new things and having new experiences. Now when I go to Hong Kong it feels less like travelling and more like..going back to my second home? Even though I don't actually own a place there lol. I only started thinking of it in this way during this trip there. I wonder how many times it takes to visit a place for it to feel like this. Not sure if you know what I mean. I really love going to Hong Kong though, equally as much as I love exploring a brand new city or country for the first time and experiencing culture shock.

In 2017 I don't have any international trips planned yet. So far only a trip somewhere in Canada during the summer which I'm super excited about, and a couple others pending..but hopefully I'll be able to go back to Europe and Asia again.

For now I'll focus on getting the rest of my Asia trip 2016 photos posted...

Hong Kong skyline
Hong Kong ferris wheel
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Victoria Harbour
Every time I visit Hong Kong, I must go to see the skyline at Victoria Harbour. It's my favourite skyline in the world, and I love walking around that area. The best spot to take photos would be up at the rooftop parking lot of Harbour City, as you get completely unobstructed views. I don't think tourists really know about that spot as there wasn't really anyone up there. Everyone else just takes photos at the main area below and you can't even capture the full skyline from there.

Harbour City Hong Kong
Philipp Plein
Hong Kong Victoria Harbour
Hong Kong Victoria Harbour
Found him!

Hong Kong waffles
Thai Food platter
This was one of our first dinners in Hong Kong, where we went with our entire family there (or most of them). We went to a Thai restaurant and ordered many dishes.

Thai Food
Thai food
Thai food
grilled squid
Pineapple Dessert
Coconut Dessert
Thai dessert
Hong Kong
Hong Kong boats
Hong Kong Lippo Centre
I love the architecture in Hong Kong. This is one of my favourite buildings (or pair of buildings) - Lippo Centre.

Lippo Centre Hong Kong
Hong Kong Airport
At the airport.



  1. It's always nice to come "home" to a familiar place. I really love the energy of Hong Kong too!


  2. What, more than 30 posts lined up? Wow, can't wait to read them! Hope to see you in Europe later this year.

    1. lol yes I am so slow with my posts! & I always make so many for each trip.
      I hope so too!


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