559. Skiing at Blue Mountain

skiing leftbanked
Last week, my friend and I went for a day to Blue Mountain to go skiing for the first time! We had been wanting to go this winter and were so happy we finally did..it was a lot of fun. I love snow and winter-y places, so learning to ski was one of the things on my bucket list. I want to do it every year until I get really good and maybe eventually someday go heli-skiing hahah. But I have a long way to go..as I am really bad at it now. I fell so many times and took forever to get up again lol. Next winter I want to take a trip to a nice ski resort like Whistler in Canada or somewhere in the Alps..

blue mountain
So at Blue Mountain, we did the beginners program. There are 5 levels. At the first level they teach you how to put on and take off the skis. At the second level there was a small high maybe 2 metres high. We were taught how to sideways walk up the hill with our skis on. It was a lot harder than it seems but after awhile I got better at it. Then after we got to the top of that small hill, we'd go down on our skis. I fell the first two times. The second time I fell was very embarrassing (and funny) because I went off to the side so much that I fell into a ditch!! My leg got twisted so I wasn't able to get it to the right position to stand up (since part of the ski was stuck in the snow). The instructor finally came to rescue me..he helped me take the ski off my boot first to twist my leg back lol. Then it took me a long time to pull myself out of the ditch. After I was able to get down successfully without falling on level 2, we went to level 3.

blue mountain beginners
On level 3, we took a "magic carpet" ski lift (photo above) up to the top of a higher hill. It was higher but the incline was not very steep. There we had to learn/practice going down the hill slowly and making stops along the way. Again, I fell the first couple times but eventually was able to get down successfully. That one was my favourite level. After we've mastered it (somewhat), we went up to level 4....

blue mountain beginners
blue mountain
For some reason, there were no instructors at level 4 but we went to try it anyways. The hill was a bit higher again but it also had a few bumps (moguls?) so you go up and down. I very unsuccessfully rolled down on that one and took awhile to stand back up. What we should've done was gone back to level 3 but we decided to try level 5.

blue mountain beginners
Level 5 was the highest and steepest and we had to take these actual ski lifts up. As I was getting on, one of my poles fell! Off to a bad start lol. One of the workers brought one back up for me though.
At the top of that hill, I looked down and immediately decided I shouldn't do it. I had planned to take the lift back down. Part of me wanted to try going down though just so I could say at least I completed all the levels but I decided against it..as I didn't want to risk an injury.
My friend asked me to take a photo of her and as I was moving to get to a better spot, I kept sliding and crashed right into her. After a few minutes of getting back up, I finally did..only to slide back down again and fall on my butt. I was sitting on the back of the skis I guess..then ended up sliding ALLLLL the way down the entire hill in that position. It was so scary (and funny now)! I was sliding down so fast I wasn't able to stop, and I was in a crouched down position so I wasn't able to get back up or anything. Luckily there were no trees or people in the way for me to crash into. After what seemed like forever, I finally reached the bottom and was able to stop. Definitely not doing that hill again hahahah..but at least now I can say I completed all levels. After that, we went back to level 3.

blue mountain
apres ski fireplace
"Apres-ski" at a cozy Irish pub..warming up beside the fireplace.

skiing leftbanked
Soooo physically exhausted! My body and muscles needed almost a week to fully recover hahah. But can't wait to go again!



  1. Such a cool experience! I hope that I will get to ski as well one day...

    1. It's so fun..let's go on a ski trip next year!

  2. This is looking amazing! Here, where I live we don't have a lot of snow...




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