565. Renovations | Part 4

Peloso Alexander
I'm currently sitting at the lobby bar of my building again as I update this. I came down again today to check on my renovations. My floors and walls are finally done now and they're currently working on my washroom. So this morning, I went with my contractor around to a few stores to pick up my washroom, kitchen backsplash tiles, etc and choose my countertops again..as well as look at more faucets. It was a productive morning. Now we came back to my building and I'm sitting at the lobby bar all day working while they continue on with my washroom.

The past few days I've made quite a bit of progress on my shopping. I ordered a few pieces of furniture and got all my appliances (except the microwave) ordered as well. All my things are coming at different times over the next few weeks. Longest being my rug so far - 6 week wait!! This whole renovations project is really testing my patience lol. My bed should be arriving sometime next week so after that I'll be able to partially move back in!

chicken caesar salad
Just had this chicken caesar salad..now having sweet potato fries. I always eat so much while I'm sitting here lol.

leftbanked renos
My floors are done now! The baseboard under the window isn't painted over yet so it doesn't look that nice right now. My walls look so purplish in pictures..

backsplash tiles
Picking up my backsplash tiles

tce stone
Picking my quartz countertops

Cabinet door handles
bathroom design
colourful faucets
Selene Furniture
Selene Furniture
Ordering my new couch!! I'm so excited to get it! It's a pretty unique design and consists of both suede and leather elements. I loved how they have so many colour options. Should be arriving in about 3 weeks.

Selene Furniture
Selene Furniture
Selene Furniture
Selene Furniture
Martin Daniel
My rug I ordered from Martin Daniel. They have the coolest rugs! In so many different crazy styles and colours. Oh & my couch was from Selene Furniture. We've been to countless different stores now and purchased from several..the experience here was the best so far. The owner was so nice and patient and the service so far has been amazing. I highly recommend them.

leftbanked house
At my dad's the other night..working on a last minute project for one of my companies.

Library Bar
"Singles & Mingles". At the Royal York Library Bar last week with my friend (aka our regular spot for when we don't want to walk outdoors, as it's connected directly to our building)

Library Bar
Library Bar
Some Stellasport retail therapy

Peloso Alexander
Walking around the (best) furniture stores on King Street East

Peloso Alexander
Peloso Alexander
Peloso Alexander
Peloso Alexander
shag rugs
I looooved these rugs..in person, the colours look really beautiful. Some of the larger ones were like degrade colours. I love the blues. But unfortunately to order these it would take 3 months (& they're also super expensive)



  1. HOW EXCITING! Renovations are always fun (unless you're doing all the work or paying haha) Your walls look lovely to me, they seem grey/dull sky blue/and a hint of lilac to me. (I remember your comment about the Dior store in the previous post). Have you decided about your back splash tiles?

    My parents are currently having their kitchen renovated and since all the kiddies still live at time, we've managed to have a significant contribution in the design of it. So far our kitchen looks like your house! Everything's gone and you're right, it's so strange trying to envision the end look.
    I'm going to try and convince my parents to paint the walls a greyish blue, similar to yours.

    1. It was fun but now it's burning me out hahah..I really can't wait until the whole process is over! but it is very exciting to imagine how it will look all completed

      It's hard to capture the colour in photos but it is sort of grey-lilac-ish. Yes my backsplash will be white! Same as my counters..well I will post pics once it's all completed!

      ooh I'd love to see yours as well! :)

  2. Looks like the renovations are going well! Hope you get to move back in very soon.


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