573. Recent Life

Givenchy antigona light blue
This "recent life" post actually isn't the most recent..I am so behind on my blog still. Trying to use this weekend once again to catch up. It's the Easter long weekend. Since I don't work a normal 9-5, Monday-Friday job...weekends don't make much of a difference to me lol. I actually don't like weekends/holidays since a lot of places are closed. But my workload is slightly less on weekends and holidays, so at least I have time to catch up on other things these few days.

The most important thing I have to force myself to do this week is also the thing I hate to do the most out of the entire year....income taxes. It sucks having to pay such a large amount of cash all at one time. I am never prepared for it. Then I think about how many vacations I could've gone on instead for that amount, or currently..how many items from the Jeff Koons x Louis Vuitton collection I could've bought instead!! My favourite is the Rubens Keepall. I actually wanted to get the Mona Lisa Silk Square to have framed and put in my washroom (as the colours match my new washroom) but unfortunately, the wall in my washroom isn't large enough for it. I'm so disappointed. & I don't want to hang it in the main area of my place because the colours won't match at all (plus I want a different painting for that area). I really love Jeff Koons so I really want something from this collection though....

So here is an update on my renovations. If you follow me on Instagram you can see an updated pic of the kitchen. As they installed the other cabinets and pantry now. All that's missing still is the counter top, backsplash, sink, faucet, a few cabinet doors...then finally done! & of course some minor touch ups. I'm super excited to see how the kitchen will look in the end. It's going to be so beautiful. I can't believe it is now 2 months, 1 week and counting since I began this whole renovations project. Oh and after the contractors are all done...I still have to finish furniture shopping.

leftbanked renovations
Greenhouse cookbook
Greenhouse couldn't have released their new cookbook at a better time! Ok, a better time may have been closer to when my kitchen is fully complete lol but still....this place is my favourite for cold-pressed juices and the most amazing coconut water. They just released this cookbook a couple weeks ago and I went to buy it immediately. I'm so excited to start cooking everything when I finally can.

Brooks Brothers Toronto
At a Brooks Brothers event! I was my friend's +1. It was my first time in this store..their menswear is pretty nice and very preppy. I really liked the store interiors as well. They had a huge selection of ties in every shade. I think if I was a man, I'd definitely collect ties.

Brooks Brothers ties
Brooks Brothers suspenders
Brooks Brothers store
Library Bar Royal York Hotel
One afternoon working at the Royal York Hotel's Library Bar

Library Bar quiche
Nanoleaf Aurora lights
I finally got my aurora lights up!! Here's a quick video I took of them in action:

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Earls Caesar salad
On another day, my friend and I went restaurant-hopping with our laptops, so that we spent the whole day working and eating lol. This was at Earls. We spent a few hours here. It was nice. As I work "from home", I actually rarely work at home. I find it hard to fully concentrate so I'm usually at a Starbucks or some coffee shop, or my own lobby. I would like to do it at restaurants more often..Earls has a nice atmosphere for it.

Dundas Square Toronto
These are all the magazines I have to catch up on!! Actually, since the time I've taken this photo there has been a few more that arrived. I have subscriptions to all these magazines and because of my renovations (the few weeks I couldn't live here), I've gotten behind on reading them. & now that I'm so behind it's pretty difficult to catch up.

Earls Salmon
On another night at Earls (again), I ordered the salmon. It was soooo good. I want to go back for it.

Hennessy Pomeranian
My new curtains arrived!! As you can see, Hennessy really loves them. I really love them as well. They're all white with a bit of sheen. Once my place is fully fully completed, I will post photos of everything altogether.

Hokkaido Santouka
green tea mochi
At Hokkaido Santouka! My new favourite Japanese/ramen place. I went here for dinner with my friend one night then a few days later went again with my family. I have a pretty obsessive personality lol. If I discover something I like, I would have a lot of it or go very often to it as you can probably tell...since I always seem to post the same places in every post!



  1. The lights are so cool! I was thinking of getting some for my office but they are not available in Europe :( Happy Easter!

    1. I really love them! Get some this summer when you come to Canada ;)
      Happy Easter!

  2. I can't wait to see your place when everything is done.

  3. Love the color of your Antigona! Feels so springy :) I also work from home, wish I could coffe shop and restaurant hop like you! Sadly I'm mostly doing videoconference or calls so I can't really go to public places :( Can't wait the final result of your place!!

    1. Thanks! I love my Antigona but it gets dirty so easily :(
      Ooh..I'm glad I don't have to do video conferences lol. Calls I still do in public places (when it's quiet!)
      Me too!!


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