572. Birthday Weekend

leftbanked 1 King West
It's Sunday evening right now as I'm making this post. Today I decided to stay in all day for the first time since forever as I had a lot of work and home stuff to take care of. I am happy to say it was a very productive day, which means I have time to blog again!

The weather is finally getting warmer. Yesterday was a nice and sunny day. I went for a long one hour walk with Hennessy by the harbourfront. Tonight, after I finished all my work, I took him out again at midnight for an hour again because the weather was so perfect. I love where I live. I live in the financial district so during the day, it's extremely busy while at night and on weekends..it's the complete opposite. I love going for late night dog walks (like past midnight) when the streets are completely empty and deserted..and I'm surrounded by nothing but skyscrapers. Also I love walking around this area the most because the sidewalks are very wide and clean (which is important if you're walking a dog who likes to sniff and/or eat anything on the ground). If it was anywhere else I wouldn't feel safe going out so late at night by myself (and a non-threatening Pomeranian) so another good thing about the financial district is that there's a lot of security and cop cars patrolling..so I feel safe to go out alone even in the middle of the night lol.

This is a couple weeks overdue, but here are some photos from my birthday weekend! It was an amazing week. I didn't take photos of EVERYTHING I did for my birthday..but here is most of it:

Elm Tree Cafe salmon
This wasn't exactly part of my birthday celebration..I think it was a few days before it. My friend & I went for dinner at The Elm Tree Restaurant. I can't believe it was only my first time there. The food was really really good. I LOVED their homemade hummus (I didn't take a pic of it) and the salmon with leek risotto was amazing.

Elm Tree Cafe cheesecake
For dessert I ordered a Nutella cheesecake. I actually don't like cheesecake that much. This was my first time ordering it because I couldn't choose anything else from their dessert menu...and I like Nutella, so I went with this. It was good but too filling and sweet for me.

Royal York Hotel
Library Bar
In the evening my friend (who lives in the same building as me) and I went to the Royal York Hotel's Library Bar as usual. I know I post about this place so often! lol. I probably mentioned before but we mainly go here since it's directly connected to our building so we don't have to walk outdoors to get here....so now the weather is warmer I'm sure you'll see us going to other places more hahah.

CN Tower Toronto
Brookfield Place
On the Friday (of my birthday weekend), I sat at my lobby bar to do a bit of work before going out for the night. Suddenly the bartender gives me this and goes: "here try this". It was a Negroni. I never heard of this drink before that night. I took a few sips and found it way too strong for me. I actually have an extremely low alcohol tolerance..especially now since I haven't drank in forever. So I just let it sit until I had to leave to start getting ready for the night...then I ended up chugging it lol. The melted ice watered it down a bit. I then had to "recover" from it for about an hour before going to Pravda!

Pravda Toronto
If you've been following my blog for many many years, you might know that Pravda used to be my absolute favourite place. It's a vodka bar/lounge/club. I hadn't been there in years so I wanted to go again for my birthday. A lot has changed since I last went and unfortunately I didn't find it as good as it used to be...it's still a pretty cool place but I think there's too much competition now with other new places in the city.

Pravda martini
Royal York Hotel Afternoon Tea
The next morning we had an afternoon tea booked at the Royal York Hotel/Library Bar again. I accidentally slept in but we ended up being only 15 minutes late lol. It was a lot of fun and the sandwiches and scones were delicious!

Royal York Hotel Afternoon Tea
Royal York Hotel Afternoon Tea
Royal York Hotel Afternoon Tea
leftbanked 1 King West
This was my outfit for the afternoon tea. These photos were taken in my building..this is over the main entrance, in front of our 2nd floor ballroom. I don't know why its taken me 8 years of living here to realize this is a very beautiful photo spot lol. Will definitely dress up again and do more photos here sometime!

leftbanked 1 King West
birthday cake
Cactus Club bellinis
Then that night, drinks and dinner at Brassaii (also a place I used to go a lot but haven't been since forever) then more drinks at Cactus Club! The next day was my actual birthday. I didn't take any photos that day..it was a more relaxing day though. In the morning I went for tea with a friend at Shangri-La Hotel (regular tea..not afternoon tea again) then met my sister for a movie and dinner.



  1. All the food looks amazing. You made the most out of the special occasion!

  2. Happy Birthday Tiffany. You truly celebrated your special day.


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