574. Recent Life & Renovations | Part 8

leftbanked renovations kitchen
My whole renovations project is finally nearing completion!! Well all the construction work is nearly done but I still have to finish purchasing a bunch of furniture and set up one more corner of my place (the corner where all my stuff is currently sitting in bags and boxes). I'm sooooo happy with how the kitchen turned out. In the photo above is how it currently looks at the moment. There are going to be cabinet doors above the fridge as well, but they will put those in sometime this week (hopefully).

I really love my gold faucet. & apron sink. & range. & all the cabinet and drawer door handles. & counter tops. & the backsplash! Basically I am in love with the entire kitchen lol. But mostly the faucet and sink. It wasn't easy but I'm so happy I eventually managed to find them both and I'm so glad that I ended up getting the gold faucet. It was quite expensive and I spent some time thinking about whether or not it would be worth it...but in the end I decided to just get it because it was what I wanted from the beginning, and I knew I would've probably regretted it if I didn't go for the gold.

This whole renovations project has been/is so much fun for me. I kind of want to be an interior designer now...the best part is seeing everything come together in the end. But I don't know if I would enjoy designing places for other people as much, because then I would end up wanting to live there myself hahah. Maybe someday my dream of having my own boutique hotel will come true, so I can design each room in a different way.

The past few weeks have been so busy for me. I need to find time now to finish the rest of my furniture shopping..then I will post more photos of my place fully completed!

Leftbanked kitchen
The part around the sink is not done yet (obviously) and there is some tape around my range which I have to find a way to clean off. Something I realized I should've done was take pictures of the "before" because it was extremely different! Before my kitchen was just like a half kitchen. & it didn't look nice at all so I never took pictures of it lol. Same with my washroom. But from now on you'll probably be seeing my newly renovated ones a lot.

leftbanked renovations
I bought some new towels yesterday. I love the colour scheme of my place..it definitely matches with all my stuff as well. All blue (navy and light blue), grey, gold, and white marble.

My washroom I decided before to do a different look from the kitchen - the cabinets are dark brown. Here you can see in the photo below that the faucet is a very dark brown. Originally I wanted a gold faucet here as well but I couldn't find a nice one, so I went with this instead then had the matching set for the shower. My washroom is going to be more traditional/old style and opposite from the modern style of the rest of my place. I have some ideas on how to decorate it, just hope I'll be able to find all the pieces I'm thinking of getting. I've posted some photos of the washroom before but will post more once I finish furnishing it.

leftbanked renovations
leftbanked renovations backsplash
When it was still in progress....

Now time for some other random photos taken from the past couple weeks:

Toronto CN Tower
Pizzeria Libretto University Street
Dinner with my mom and sister at Pizzeria Libretto

Pizzeria Libretto calamari
I love the calamari here!

Pizzeria Libretto Toronto
We first ordered the margherita pizza and salami pizza. The margherita was really good. I would definitely order this again next time. The salami we didn't like (actually only my mom and sister tasted it..I was too into the margherita one to even try that one hahha) and they said it was very salty. So we ended up switching it for an eggplant one. I don't like eggplant but my mom and sister really loved that one.

Pizzeria Libretto desserts
For dessert we had the Torta Caprese and a chocolate fudge ice cream. We found them way too sweet and filling. I was excited to get the Torta Caprese since I had it for the first time when I visited Capri (exactly a year ago this week actually) and really loved it. But this one I didn't really like =\

leftbanked Hennessy
Jurassic Park Toronto
I guess when the Raptors are playing, this is called "Jurassic Park". I don't follow basketball actually but I hope our team does well this season. I like hockey though but unfortunately tonight, we got eliminated :( I realized in the recent couple of years, all our major sports teams (hockey, basketball and baseball) seem to have gotten a LOT more fans. I like the atmosphere in the city during sports seasons.

Cider House Toronto
Cider House - a bar in Roncesvalles owned by a friend of a friend of mine. We went there once night a few weeks ago..quite a far distance from places I usually go. I loved their schnitzel!

EPIC Fairmont Royal York Toronto
If you've been following me for awhile then you will know how often I go to the Library Bar in the Fairmont Royal York (like 3-4 times a week?! lol) Recently we started going to their main restaurant called EPIC instead because we fell in love with their chicken sandwich. I'm not really a sandwich type of person actually but this sandwich is so good I could literally have it every day. As you can see, all four of us ordered it that time lol. It really is that delicious!

We also know the chef now. He gave us this free cheesecake one day:

EPIC Fairmont Royal York
Kinton Ramen
At Kinton Ramen

Toronto Bay and King
Maman Toronto
This is Maman, a French style bakery/cafe that's also another one of my favourite places! This place is located literally a 5 minute walk from me yet I've only come for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I love the interior decor and their food is really good.

Maman Toronto cakes
Maman Toronto
My friend and I came with our laptops to work for a few hours one day. I really love their vegetable lasagna. It might not look that good in the photo but it's amazing.

Hokkaido Santouka
Hokkaido Santouka desserts
Hokkaido Santouka...another new favourite place!

Toronto Harbourfront
I've been walking my dog to the harbourfront more these days because the weather is finally getting warmer!



  1. I love your kitchen! You did such a good job designing it :)

    Also a fan of margherita pizza from Libretto.

  2. I love your new kitchen!!! I really can't wait to get ours finished too. Is your faucet by any chance from Delta? The one we have is hauntingly similar (we also just bought our back splash today and it looks similar to yours too but larger lol) I love the look of your farmers sink and the marble counter top *drools* Are the colours of your cabinets true to life in the photo because they're lovely.

    Isn't it funny how we usually tend to forget the nice places in our own neighborhoods? That's fantastic you found such a cute and adorable place to relax and work in. That's generous of the chef to have treated you guys to cheesecake :) Do you prefer dipping ramen or traditional ramen?

    1. Thanks!! I'd love to see yours as well when its done! Yes the faucet is by Delta! Is yours the same style?
      In person the cabinets are slightly more blue-grey & the handles are a bit more gold. Hard to capture the true colour in photos!

      I've never tried dipping ramen but I think I prefer the traditional kind!

    2. Yes our faucet is by Delta too! Did you get the one with the touch technology? We were just going to get the traditional one but my sister wanted the touch one so that's what we got. To be honest it was finicky and I had to pull the wire out (for the light) so that it would work normally.

    3. ooh nice! no I didn't get that one..when I go out to public washrooms with that sometimes it's so annoying to get it to turn on/when the sensor isn't working properly lol so I decided it wasn't worth it

  3. Your kitchen looks amazing! Great picks, they are so you. The food looks so delicious too. Wish I could have one of these dishes for dinner tonight.


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