571. Planta

Planta desserts
A couple of weeks ago I went for my birthday lunch with my mom and sister at a vegan restaurant called Planta. I had wanted to go here since I first heard about it (not too long ago actually) since I've recently been trying to eat healthier recently with a more plant-based diet along with my fresh pressed juices + health smoothies addiction.

I really love the style of Planta. The interiors are very bright and airy, and all the food was very well-presented.

In the photo above are the desserts we ordered: coconut with passionfruit sorbet. I just realized that pretty much everything we ordered isn't on their online menu anymore. I guess that means they change their menu quite frequently.

Planta sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes

Planta pasta bolognese
This was my favourite. The bolognese pasta.

Planta pizza
I forgot what was on the pizza..asparagus, mushrooms and pears?

copper cutlery
I love their copper cutlery. This is what I want for my new kitchen

Planta Toronto
Village Juicery
Blue Whale ROM
After lunch, we went to check out the Blue Whale exhibit at the ROM. I really enjoyed it. I love whales..I went through a phase before when I binge-watched whale documentaries lol (if you've been following my blog for awhile, you might remember me mentioning it..here. If you are in Toronto, I recommend checking out this exhibit before it ends in September 2017.

PS - I am going to use this weekend to attempt to catch up on my blog. So I'll be posting at least once a day (hopefully)



  1. Happy belated birthday (again!) haha Planta looks so interesting! Those dishes look beautiful and I guess it makes sense they change their menu frequently if it's all based off of seasonal vegetables and fruits, means you're getting the best stuff! I'm also in love with that copper cutlery and speaking of kitchen I'm excited to see your finished one.
    We also have a blue whale bone display at our Biodiversity museum here, I was a bit scared of the taxidermy area when it was my first time there.

    1. Thanks!!
      I like restaurants that change their menus often but I was looking forward to going back and having that pasta again but now it's gone :( lol
      Ooh..the taxidermy section at our museum is my favourite lol

  2. The pasta and the pizza look sooo delicious!

    1. They were! I think you'd love this restaurant!


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