647. Recent Life

leftbanked outfit Tiger of Sweden
I'm pretty behind on my Recent Life posts again so here is a huge catch-up post of 40+ random photos!

gold balloon dog
leftbanked hennessy
kompot Cafe Polonez
leftbanked outfit
Bar Raval
Bar Raval
IQ Food Co. Brookfield
leftbanked outfit fur shoes
leftbanked outfit
Positano puzzle
~1 month later..the puzzle is finally complete!

Le Papillon chicken
peanut butter cookie dough
peanut butter cookies
Baking peanut butter cookies for the first time.

Kinton Ramen
leftbanked outfit
leftbanked dog walking
La Paella Toronto
Last week we went for dinner at La Paella, a fairly new Spanish restaurant located in Leslieville. It was really good and (according to my boyfriend) the most authentic Spanish restaurant that we tried so far in Toronto. Due to timing we weren't able to try the paella unfortunately. Would definitely like to next time! It was also my first time going to Leslieville I think. It was a fun night.

La Paella Toronto
La Paella Toronto
La Paella Toronto
La Paella Toronto croquettes

After dinner we went for gelato then drinks at the Broadview Hotel:

Broadview Hotel rooftop patio
The Broadview Hotel is a fairly new hotel here in Toronto. We were walking by and decided to go in and check it out. We ended up going to the rooftop patio and sharing a pitcher of sangria. We got a good seat with this nice view.

Broadview Hotel rooftop patio
Broadview Hotel bar
leftbanked outfit kenzo
Dimmi Toronto
Uncle Tetsu Angel Cafe matcha
leftbanked outfit alexander wang
matcha powder
I've been on a recent matcha obsession. Last week I tried making matcha white chocolate shortbread cookies for the first time and they are so good!! I was really happy with the results. Everyone I gave them to had said they're probably the best cookies I've ever made so far hahah. I didn't mix the dough properly though so it was kind of crumbly and hard to shape..so that's why they look like they all fell apart. But the taste was good. I'll be attempting them again tonight so hopefully they come out looking better lol.

matcha cookies
matcha cookies
matcha cookies
leftbanked outfit
Saku Toronto
Vietnamese platter
leftbanked outfit stellasport adidas
pearl diver fish and chips
A nice dinner at Pearl Diver. This was the first time in my life ordering fish and chips. I never order this in the past because I don't like really fried things (besides fries lol) but this was really good. I just ate the insides/the haddock.

pearl diver mackerel
pearl diver dessert
The obligatory shot.



  1. ooooooh I'm inspire I have a bag of matcha powder to use up. Adorable in your Kenzo sweater. PB cookies look so good and moist

    1. You should, they are really good! Thanks! :)

  2. The tortilla looks nice and so do the sushi and the fish & chips!


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