648. Victoria Day Weekend

Fendi 2jours
By pure coincidence, I now realize that pretty much all my meals out this week were at Japanese restaurants. I only just noticed this when editing the photos for this post. All sushi and matcha related lol. I mentioned my new matcha obsession in my previous post. Maybe subconsciously that also made me want Japanese food. Hmm...

Victoria Day was yesterday. We went to watch the fireworks at Ashbridge's Bay/Woodbine Beach. There were so many people. I think it's the first time I ever went somewhere to watch fireworks like that...or at least the first time in many years. I have seen fireworks before but from a far distance. I've never gone to the "official" spot to see them. Large crowds scare me but it was a fun experience! Getting home was a bit of a hassle but it was worth it.

Woodbine Beach
More and more people came as it got darker..

Victoria Day fireworks
matcha powder
matcha tea
Dessert Kitchen
JaBistro sashimi
Dinner with my boyfriend and sister at JaBistro

JaBistro Toronto
JaBistro desserts
I really loved the pear dessert on the right

JaBistro matcha cocktail
Of course I had to get the matcha (virgin) cocktail

Hennessy Pomeranian
Financial District Toronto
The most beautifully kept lawns in downtown Toronto

Saku agedashi tofu
Dinner at Saku again! Our second time here, 1 week after the first. Their sushi is really good.

Saku Toronto
Saku bulgogi bibimbap
leftbanked outfit

matcha chia pudding
Homemade matcha chia pudding

matcha cookies
Homemade matcha cookies, round 2. They turned out a lot nicer than my first batch but still not perfect. Still amazingly delicious though!

Nami Toronto
Dinner at Nami

Nami Toronto
Hennessy Pomeranian
One day I was sitting at my desk working and was about to get up..turned to my side and see this on the floor. I didn't even realize or know how my robe ended up on the floor lol.

Fune Toronto
Dinner at Fune

Fune Toronto sushi
Fune Toronto


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