646. George + Doma

George Restaurant appetizers
Last week we went for dinner one night at George. We had the 5-course tasting menu which was a different set per person; we didn't know what was coming and we weren't allowed to choose so it was nice to have a surprise as each thing came out. We traded for a few of the courses though. They always seemed to give my boyfriend what I would have preferred lol. Everything was so delicious and tasted really fresh. Also every dish was well-presented. My favourite was the appetizers/first course which you can see above. Mine was a type of fish (I forgot what) and vegetables.

George Restaurant fish
George Restaurant amuse bouche
George Restaurant foie gras
George Restaurant foie gras
George Restaurant lamb
George Restaurant steak
George Restaurant
George Restaurant
George Restaurant Toronto

On another night, we went to Doma which is a "French-inspired Korean restaurant". I really liked the setting here; it is inside a cozy little house. The service was really good and the food was delicious as well. The fusion of French & Korean flavours was unlike anything I had before.

DOMA beef skirt steak
DOMA seafood ravioli
DOMA sweet potato gnocchi
This was my favourite - sweet potato gnocchi

DOMA mushroom bibimbap
DOMA veal sweetbread arancini
Hi. :)


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  1. The food at Doma looks really good. An interesting combination.


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