767. Canary Islands Part 7 | Mogan & Travel Update

Pangaia Jade Green leftbanked

It has been awhile since I've last updated. Life here has been pretty slow paced. We've taken a couple of day/weekend trips to nearby towns which I still need to post.

So we were originally supposed to leave Canary Islands on Nov 8 but now we are planning to extend our stay another month. The COVID situation around Europe has been really bad these weeks and many countries are in lockdown. There were very few options for us to go to next, so we decided the best thing would be to stay here for now..since the cases here are still fairly low and it's one of the safest places (in Europe) to be for now. I am happy to extend our stay though because the weather here is really nice and everything is convenient. Now we also have more time to potentially explore the other islands around. I wonder if we didn't have to plan around COVID, how different our travel plans would have been instead.

My new Pangaia set (above) finally arrived! I put in the order when we first arrived as I knew it would take awhile. It took about 3 weeks and was held at customs for a long time. At least the shipping and customs fees I pay here is lower than when it ships to Canada. I really love the colour; it's my first green outfit - "Jade Green". It's heavyweight cotton (kind of like fleece) so it would be good for winter. It will be good when/if we go somewhere colder. The weather here is still low to mid-20s degrees.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Mogan Gran Canaria Mogan Gran Canaria
Visiting the resort town of Mogan

Mogan Gran Canaria Mogan Gran Canaria salads Casa Suecia Las Palmas
I really like this Swedish place we live really close to. It's really cozy inside and the meatballs are sooooo good.

Las Canteras Beach Las Canteras Beach Las Canteras Beach Las Canteras Beach Las Canteras Beach leftbanked beach The Fruit Hunters atemoya

Tried an "atemoya" for the first time. It's a really interesting fruit. It was pretty good. It is sweet and juicy but with a ton of seeds. It tastes like a combination of vanilla, mango and pina colada.

atemoya Mango Mango


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