768. Canary Islands Part 8 | Tejeda

Tejeda Canary Islands
Last weekend we went on a staycation to a town called Tejeda. Tejeda is located in the middle of of Gran Canaria island, nestled in a landscape of towering mountains. There's many hiking trails around, including a trail up to Roque Nublo. This volcanic rock formation was formed during an eruption several million years ago. We planned our hike there on our second day in Tejeda.

There were many small villages along the way. The area is very scenic with houses scattered throughout the mountains.

Canary Islands Gran Canaria Canary Islands Tejeda
Arrived at Tejeda! It's a very small village with only one main street and a handful of restaurants (maybe 5), and 1 grocery store.

Hotel Fonda de la Tea
It does have an actual hotel though (where we stayed). I think many people come for the hiking.

Hotel Fonda de la Tea Tejeda Canary Islands Tejeda Canary Islands Tejeda Canary Islands Tejeda Gran Canaria Tejeda Tejeda Canary Islands Roque Nublo Tejeda Tejeda Gran Canaria Tejeda

This shop named Dulceria Nublo was super popular. It seemed like everyone in the village hung around there. At night there's always a line up to go in (while everywhere else in the village was empty). They sell pastries, mostly made of almonds. We picked up a couple of things. They were pretty good.

Tejeda Tejeda Gran Canaria Roque Nublo Tejeda Cruz de Tejeda

The next day, we set off on our hike. We walked all the way to Cruz de Tejeda first for lunch. I don't remember how long it took but maybe 1.5 hours. The views were pretty nice along the way. After that we took a cab to Roque Nublo where we would hike up to the top. I will post about that in my next entry!


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