770. Canary Islands Part 10 | Weekend in Mogan

leftbanked despacito Mogan

Last weekend was my boyfriend's birthday. We spent a couple nights in Mogan which was my birthday gift to him, plus a tasting dinner at Valle de Mogan (one of the best rated restaurants on the island, which I will post about in the next post!). I really enjoyed it there. Mogan is sooo beautiful! We came here once before but just for a day on the beach. This time we stayed in this little area beside the beach which has colourful houses and a lot of flowers.

Mogan Gran Canaria

Obviously with COVID now, this resort town is pretty empty. It is nice to be there with less people, as I assume usually it's crowded during their peak season/now. It is also sad to see though. Most restaurants and stores are still open for business, despite the major decrease of customers.

Mogan Canary Islands Mogan restaurant Mogan Gran Canaria sleeping cats Mogan Gran Canaria Playa de Mogan Canary Islands Mogan Canary Islands Mogan Canary Islands Mogan Canary Islands Playa de Mogan leftbanked
The bracelet was a gift from our very nice Airbnb host, when we extended our stay by another month. It is made of volcanic lava.

The Fruit Hunters book

In my Fruit Hunters book: I found this kind of funny/interesting. I have always been a "Summer Enthusiast". I assumed everyone likes to have fun, do what they like and enjoy life. But apparently only 53% of Americans feel the same. I used to be what they call "Generation Starbucks" and only recently am I getting more into fruits and consciously eating more for health reasons.

Mi Vida Mogan
I looooved the design of this restaurant. It was so colourful and quirky.

Mi Vida Mogan Mi Vida Mogan Mi Vida Mogan Mogan Gran Canaria Mogan leftbanked despacito Mogan


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