771. Canary Islands Part 11 | Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu Dinner

Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu Sardine

For my boyfriend's birthday dinner, I took him to a restaurant called Valle de Mogan. We had the tasting menu. I really loved it. It was one of my favourite tasting dinners I've ever had. Everything tasted so good and was really beautifully/creatively plated. The service was really good as well. In the photo above is a "smoked and salty sardine with golden skin, pickled mini-eggplant, okonomi pipette, pepper essence and celery foil". It was one of my favourite courses.

The restaurant itself was a bit of a distance from Playa de Mogan where we stayed. It was inland, at a house surrounded by mountains. The whole restaurant was outdoors in a covered patio. Unfortunately at night it was too dark to see the mountains. But during the day, the view is amazing.

There were only a few other seated tables when we were there. As soon as we sat down they brought out two glasses of champagne for us (on the house).

Valle de Mogan Restaurant Valle de Mogan Restaurant Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu
Amuse Bouche

Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu

When I saw "Canarian Potatoes" on the menu, I wasn't too excited about it because I don't really like them (usually they are actual boiled potatoes drizzled with a special sauce that I find too salty). But I LOVED this version of it. It had a similar taste but as you can see, not in actual potato form. The menu described it as "Canarian potatoes with mojo foam and sea snails with cactus glaze". It was really unique. Also one of my favourite courses.

Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu

I know I keep saying this but this was also one of my favourites. It was a "fine sheet of limpet cured in salt, air of sea urchin, with spherical passion fruit, sea lettuce and anchovies garum"

Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu
"Tom Kha of squid, Galdar pineappe agar-agar, konjac noodles, katsubushi"

Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu
"65 degree free range chicken eggs, salicornia, scrambled potato with Teror chorizo and iberian tocino, tuber melanosporum oil"

Valle de Mogan Bone Marrow
Tasting menu courses always seem small but they eventually become quite filling. At this point I was starting to get full, and this dish was super heavy. I've only had bone marrow a few times in my life. It's not something I like a lot but this was really good: "beef bone marrow, goose foie, artichoke, nameko". However I don't like the taste of foie gras at all. Unfortunately I only had a bite of it (the foie) and couldn't finish the rest.

Valle de Mogan Pork Belly

Then came another super filling dish: "black pork belly lacquered in palm honey and mango, lemon cane, kaffir lime, galanga, sesame cookie and somag sphere". Pork belly isn't something I usually like to eat either; it was mostly pure fat so difficult for me to eat when I was already full.

Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu

Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu Dessert
Dessert! A mixture of berries, chocolate, candied ginger, etc. They then poured a syrup over it (I didn't take a photo of that part).

Valle de Mogan Tasting Menu

Pineapple candy wrapped in edible "paper". Brought out to a Happy Birthday song and a candle (that was blown out and taken away before I could take a photo)! Overall this was a really good meal and I loved the experience.


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