778. Morocco Part 5 | Christmas in Fes

leftbanked despacito Fes Royal Palace

Spending Christmas in Morocco was not pre-planned and up until a few weeks ago, I would have ever thought we'd be spending it here. I am really enjoying Fes so far though and glad to be here. Today is Christmas Eve. It's the first time in my life that it doesn't feel like Christmas at all. Mainly due to the fact that we are in a country that does not celebrate Christmas. Also the weather is still between 15-20 degrees. I am used to snow and cold weather during this time of year.

But even if I was back home in Toronto, I don't think I'd be much in the Christmas spirit either due to the current situation in the world. Toronto is currently on lockdown anyways. I usually love the holiday season but this year I don't care about it at all, since it doesn't even feel like Christmas today/tomorrow and I don't mind skipping it for a year.

Yesterday we went with our guide around the modern part of the city and the new medina. We are staying in the old medina which I feel, out of all areas of the city we visited so far, is the coolest and most fascinating area. Definitely a very different experience and way of life. I still have a lot of photos to post from our explorations in there. My posts are a bit out of order. So yesterday we toured the modern area a bit and the new medina, including the Jewish quarter and cemetery. I love visiting cemeteries.

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