776. Morocco Part 3 | Cooking a Vegetable Couscous

vegetable couscous

I ordered vegetable couscous at a restaurant here a couple times and really loved the vegetables. So last night, we asked our housekeeper for a cooking class on how to make one ourselves. It takes a lot more effort than I expected and to be honest we didn't keep track of all the steps and spices required. So I am not sure if we will end up attempting one by ourselves anytime soon lol. It was a lot of fun to do though.

First we went together to the market to buy all the vegetables. Everything is so fresh and cheap. All our vegetables and herbs came to be only $5 CAD and they will last several meals. I think this is a main reason why the food here is really good. In Canada we usually buy our fruits and vegetables at supermarkets which likely spent weeks in transport and storage before they are consumed, while also coated with pesticides.

Fes market Fes medina market Fes market Fes medina market fresh vegetables vegetables couscous cooking class couscous cooking class chickpeas couscous cooking class vegetables and herbs herbs couscous cooking class couscous cooking class couscous cooking class couscous cooking class couscous cooking class vegetable couscous vegetable couscous

It's tradition to share a large couscous dish with your family on Fridays. We shared this with our housekeeper (who is in this picture) and guide (who dropped by for a visit) and have lots leftover still.

Fes cat


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