774. Morocco Part 1 | Arriving in Fes!

Fes Riad

We are now in Fes!! Morocco is my 32nd visited country and my first time in Africa. They currently has some entry restrictions due to COVID which I was stressing about for weeks but we made it in without any issues. A couple nights ago we arrived at Casablanca and spent a night at the airport hotel. The following morning, we had a private driver bring us to Fes which is about 3 hours away but I couldn't get any good photos or videos (since it would have passed by the time I got my camera out).

We are staying in the medina which is literally a labyrinth of 9000+ little (pedestrian-only) streets and alleyways. It's inevitable to get lost as Google Maps doesn't work in there. It's also supposed to be quite dangerous for tourists (with pick-pocketing and scams) so we are advised not to go out at night on our own and to be super careful on the streets. It's quite overwhelming as we are the only tourists here that we know of so far lol. We didn't see any others yet. I find the locals quite friendly so far though. We haven't had any bad experiences yet but I will definitely remain cautious. I will post about our first exploration in the medina in my next post.

So yesterday afternoon, we arrived at our new home which is an incredibly beautiful riad. We have it all to ourselves which may be a bit more space than we will use. There's two full floors and two "half" floors. We have a housekeeper who will come to clean a couple days a week and cook for us (upon request). We also have a cat to keep us company. He is already very comfortable with us and likes to sleep on our laps. The main downside is that the Internet is very very slow and even the data roaming I use from Rogers is a bit slow in the medina. Since we both work online it is a bit of an issue. It also takes a really long time to make this blog post so I may not update as often but we'll see.

Moroccan Riad Moroccan Riad
I'm in love with the kitchen! The owner of the house works in the food industry so it's very well-stocked.

Moroccan Riad
It also has a lot of unique decor pieces. There was a lot of thought put into designing every aspect of the place.

Moroccan Riad Moroccan Riad Fes Riad Louis Vuitton Keepall Azur Moroccan Riad
The rooftop and view from the terrace:

Fes Medina Couscous tagine

Our first lunch. We went to the closest place we found and I got a couscous tagine and mint tea. For sure they will be the first of countless tagines and mint teas lol. So far, all the food we've had have been amazing (and super cheap). I LOVED the vegetables in this couscous. So tender and flavourful.

Our housekeeper is an amazing cook. Everything we've had from her so far have been really good (well one dinner and one breakfast). Even the orange slices she cut for us last night - I have no idea what she put on them but she added something to make them sweeter (not sugar though) and kind of fizzy. I don't know how to describe it..like the fizz sensation you get on your tongue from a soda but more lol. Last night she made a Welcome Dinner for us which was chicken tagine, beans and fried sardines. I loved everything. She also makes bread from scratch which I didn't show in this photo but I will next time:

Moroccan Riad


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