783. Morocco Part 10 | Snapshots of Fes Medina

Fes Medina arts
My favourite part of the Fes Medina is the arts and crafts quarter (not sure the official name for it)..where they make all kinds of textiles, pottery, brass products etc. I really like these things above. Not sure the name of them.

For the past week and a half, it rained literally nonstop here in Fes. I've never experienced such a prolonged period of rain before. I think we have another day of rain tomorrow, then starting on Tuesday it will be better. During all this time we've stayed at the house. It was like a self imposed quarantine which actually isn't that bad for me as I like our house a lot and I've been able to work quite a bit and catch up on reading. Our housekeeper comes in the morning to prepare breakfast then every few days we have a big cooking session together to make meals that last us a few days. I feel like I am an expert on Moroccan food now but most likely I will forget how to make everything without her guidance in the future lol.

Now I am about 6 blog posts behind! So I will try to post more frequently to catch up before we leave..

Fes Medina Ceramics Fes Ceramics Fes artisans Fes leather dye Fes Medina Fes Medina
There's a lot of hidden areas in the medina that we wouldn't have found if it wasn't for our guide. We walked through a little alleyway before reaching this - I think it used to be a caravanserai. There are many of them in the medina. Now, artisans rent rooms to work:

Fes Medina Artisans Fes Medina Fes MedinaI find these little shops so cute. They're pretty miniature in size but filled to the brim with a random assortment of products.

Fes Medina Fes Medina Fes Medina market Fes medina market Fes street cats dogs Fes Medina Fes Medina Fes Medina A lot of walls are painted with different images (or solid colours). It's overall a very colourful place.

Fes Medina Fes Medina Fes Medina Fes Medina


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