784. Morocco Part 11 | Meknes

Meknes view
A few weeks ago we visited Meknes. It was a nice city but I felt there wasn't much to explore. At least during COVID times. We walked around the city a bit, checked out the market (which I enjoyed) and also explored the medina a bit. The medina wasn't anything special though. The one here in Fes is a lot more authentic, unique and interesting.

Meknes Meknes pomegranates stand Meknes khobz Meknes market tea leaves Meknes market Meknes market Meknes market olives Meknes market chickens Meknes market rabbits Meknes market Meknes gate Meknes Meknes royal palace Meknes jail Meknes royal palace Meknes Meknes Meknes mosque Meknes


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