781. Morocco Part 8 | Snapshots of Fes Medina

Fes Medina

I still have a lot of photos from the Fes old medina to post..it's difficult to show in photos exactly how it is. It's mainly made up of narrow alleyways and some open areas/markets which is what this post will mainly show. There's a lot of completely hidden shops and spaces that would be impossible to find unless you are brought there. Most entrances to places are very nondescript and as a tourist/outsider, you wouldn't think twice when walking past it.

Fes Medina fountain Fes Medina fruits Fes Medina fruitsThese fruits were pretty cool. I think they are called "Strawberry Tree Fruits". They were sweet and easy to eat/no seeds inside.

Fes Medina dentistA dental clinic

Fes Medina Fes Medina Fes Medina These houses are a drastically different/way more modern style to the rest of the medina. We only found them at this area.

Fes Medina Fes Medina Moroccan bread Fes Bakery
Each neighbourhood has a communal bakery like this. Each household makes their own dough (or whatever they want baked) and bring it here to be baked in a large stone oven. Then they go back later to pick it up. They all looked the same to me but apparently each household's bread style has subtle differences which the baker is able to identify easily. Each household will also know which is theirs by the towels wrapped around. I find it interesting they have this system rather than having a bakery that makes different types of bread for them to buy but I guess they prefer to make it themselves. This is the most common type of bread here (khobz).

Moroccan bakery Fes Medina Gate Fes Medina Fes Medina market Fes Medina chickensChickens are usually sold live

Fes Medina Morocco breakfast Sfenj
One of my favourite things about staying here are our daily breakfasts prepared by the housekeeper. There's always a fruit salad and some type of bread that she makes herself.

Panoramic cafe Fes
The only restaurant we go to when we are not with our guide lol. It's close to our place and has a rooftop offering panoramic views of the medina. We used to go up there but now that we are "regulars" we just stay downstairs.

Fes Panoramic Cafe Harira Soup
After discovering Harira soup, it has been our new obsession. I've been having it literally every day. Our usual order at this restaurant is one soup each, a plate of fries and mint tea. Sometimes we ask our housekeeper to cook meals so we asked her to make this soup every time (a huge pot of it). In fact, she is coming in 2 hours to make it again hahah. The version she makes is a LOT better than at the restaurant (even though I love the restaurant version too)..and even her couscous wayyyy amazing. Tonight we will have the soup, chicken and vegetables couscous and beef tagine. I will miss the food here a lot when we leave!



  1. Beautiful pictures.. we were there a couple of years ago.. Can't wait to start travelling again.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes it is a beautiful place!


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