791. Morocco Part 18 | Hassan Tower

Hassan Tower
Hassan Tower is the minaret of an incomplete mosque here in Rabat. We went for a walk around it last weekend. The area was really beautiful and clean. The weather here in the city is so nice. I think these months are the best to visit Morocco as I understand the summer months can be unbearably hot. It felt a little weird this year for me to spend all of winter at fairly warm locations. I've never escaped the Canadian winters before.

The past week has been really busy planning our next destination. This involved the most planning so far and we are still waiting on a final approval to be able to enter the country. So I will not reveal it until we have it all confirmed. Once we arrive we need to follow a strict quarantine - 2 weeks at an approved hotel. I will explain the whole process and everything hopefully within the next few days!

Hassan Tower guards Hassan Tower wallsThere were a lot of pigeons living here in the holes

Hassan Tower Morocco kids Hassan Tower Hassan Tower cats Morocco Hassan Tower cats Hassan Tower Morocco flag Hassan Tower guards Hassan Tower Hassan Tower Rabat Morocco house


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