789. Morocco Part 16 | Snapshots of Rabat + Modern Art Museum

Rabat Modern Art Museum
Last week we visited Rabat's Museum of Modern & Comtemporary Art. It looked really cool from the outside but in reality, there were only 2 exhibitions inside and they were all similar paintings. I still enjoyed it though and for a few dollars' admission per person, I can't say it was a rip off.

A quick update to my previous post on GME: I have since sold *most* of my shares and managed to make a pretty good profit from it all. I will keep the rest as I do believe in the company's future prospects and the big squeeze. Of course I didn't manage to sell at the peak ($483)..although I forced myself to gradually trim my position on the way down (which I am grateful for now lol) as I didn't want to be a bagholder. Now it's sitting at around $90. If Robinhood and the media didn't stop the momentum and start spreading fake news, it would have gone way higher. But when I first bought, I thought that reaching $100 would be its peak/best case scenario. If it drops under my dollar cost average I will buy more for the long term. Another "meme stock" that I think got unfairly dragged down with it is Blackberry (I do not believe in the other ones such as AMC or Nokia) - I bought some maybe a month ago and managed to make 200%+ in unrealized gains..now it dropped back to when I initially bought lol. I believe in the long term prospects of the company as well so I will keep holding for now..

So here are some photos from the modern art museum and our adventures around Rabat! I am really enjoying the city now.

Rabat Modern Art Museum Rabat Modern Art Museum Rabat Modern Art Museum Rabat Modern Art Museum Rabat Modern Art Museum Rabat Modern Art Museum Rabat Modern Art Museum In Arabian Nights book
We visited The English Bookshop (which is apparently the only all-English book shop in Morocco). I discovered this book before when I was searching for books set in Morocco..so was happy to find it there! The book shop is very cute. I want to go back to buy more books..even though it's not a good idea for my luggage. We didn't book our next destination yet but we now have an idea of where we want to go. If we do go, there will be a 2 week quarantine so I think I'll do lots of reading in that time heheh.

Adidas NASA Also bought some new Adidas clothes..their new NASA collection is pretty cool!

Two Brothers Rabat Two Brothers Rabat Two Brothers Rabat Rabat medina rainbow street Rabat medina This is a little pet shop. So cute.

Rabat medina Rabat medina Rabat medina Rabat medina Rabat street Rabat school Rabat kasbah walls Connect Cafe Rabat breakfast


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