793. Morocco Part 20 | Moroccan Cooking

Morocco cooking class
Now we are down to our last couple days in Morocco so I need to finish the remainder of these posts. If you've been following me for at least a few weeks, you'll remember we were in Fes before coming to Rabat. In Fes, we had a house that included a fully equipped kitchen and a housekeeper who was an amazing cook. So we cooked pretty much all our meals. I really enjoyed it because we'd go with her to the market for the fresh ingredients each morning then in the late afternoon we would cook together. She knew how to make everything we asked, and the result for each dish were the best versions I've ever had of them. Everything was also very healthy - we didn't eat any processed foods during that time. My favourites were harira soup, vegetables couscous and kefta briouats. Actually I really loved couscous with vegetables and brochettes (skewers)..but cooking the brochettes required the most effort (and it got way too smoky) as it's essentially an open flame barbecue that we did indoors. It was a lot of fun to make though. The chermoula sardines are also amazing but we only made them once. I did write down a few of the recipes so hopefully in the future I'll be able to recreate them..likely not as good without the housekeeper's guidance though lol.

Here are some photos of most things we cooked together. I feel like I'm fairly knowledgeable in Moroccan cuisine now (well, at least way more than before this trip). I'm now inspired to do more cooking classes in our future destinations (maybe a pad thai lesson in Thailand next!)

calico catOur cat watching us cook (& sometimes jumping on the table trying to steal a piece).

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Sometimes our guide would drop by "coincidentally" when we were cooking lol. On Dec 31/NYE he came by and brought this cake for us! My name is spelled wrong though ("Tifano") hahah.


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