804. Bangkok Part 10 | Chinatown

Chinatown Bangkok
I don't know why I was surprised to find out that a Chinatown exists in Bangkok. I had assumed Chinatowns only existed in Western cities where the cultures and streets are completely different. Here the only way to know when you're there is the appearance of Chinese letters and red lanterns. The entire Chinatown area here in Bangkok takes up quite a large area. We've been there/went through there a few times already. Here are some photos taken from our first visit. It's a very busy area full of street food, neon signs and pedestrians on the street.

Chinatown Bangkok wall art Chinatown Bangkok wall art Chinatown Bangkok orange juice Bangkok night market seafood Bangkok Chinatown Bangkok Chinatown BangkokHere you can see they close off one lane for pedestrians (and it gets quite crowded)

pomegranate juice night market insects Chinatown Bangkok Chinatown Bangkok jumbo prawns Thailand fruits mini pineapples


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