811. Koh Samui Part 1 | First Days on the Island

Gulf of Thailand
I still have a few more Bangkok posts lined up but I thought I'd start on Koh Samui now (will alternate between the two places) since we've now been here for almost 2 weeks! Koh Samui is definitely a very different and much more relaxed/slower pace of life than in Bangkok. It is the epitome of "island-living" here; way more than it felt in Azores and Canary islands in the first months of our trip.

Usually it's a very popular vacation spot for both tourists and mainland Thais, but of course now it's super quiet due to COVID. There are pros and cons to this. It's nice having a quieter atmosphere and beaches mostly just to ourselves. But unfortunately many shops are closed and some areas are like a ghost town. Some excursions (like to other islands) are a bit more difficult to arrange or have been cancelled for the time being. It's still enjoyable and liveable though.

Arriving on the island! The water is soooo blue and beautiful.

Gulf of Thailand Koh Samui beach Koh Samui fisherman's village Koh Samui coco tamsFisherman's Village is a popular area of the area, with many beach bars, nightlife, beach shows etc

Koh Samui beach Koh Samui beach Koh Samui beach house watermelon shake koh samui
This restaurant is one of the ones closest to us and have delicious food, so we've been going every day at least 1 or 2 times. We are usually the only customers there though (because of COVID, not because they are bad lol). I always get a watermelon shake with each meal.

Chao Reau restaurant ginger tabby cat Koh Samui beach Koh Samui beach Koh Samui beachThese kids were catching fish with their bare hands

Koh Samui beachTheir stash

Koh Samui beach sunset Bophut beach Four Seasons Koh Samui
This is the Four Seasons resort here on the island. We are not staying here but on our first day using our rented motorbike, we ran out of gas. Luckily we were fairly close to the Four Seasons hotel so went to ask them for help. We wanted them to help us call a taxi to bring us to a station to purchase gas then bring it back. They were so nice and the hotel driver agreed to go buy a bottle for us. He didn't want to accept anything from us other than the cost of the gas.

Koh Samui pause villaHere is the house we rented. It's quite a lot of space for us (2 floors, 3 bedrooms)

Coco Tams Koh Samui
This restaurant/beach bar is a very popular spot on the island, named Coco Tam's. Apparently they are the only place that's still always busy even during COVID. I really love their beach set-up. They occupy a large area of the beach and have lined it with tons of tables and beanbag chairs. The actual restaurant is designed very beautiful and beachy as well. We got here just before sunset and stayed a few hours to enjoy the evening beach show as well. I was glad they still had it during this time as I thought it was cancelled.

Coco Tams Koh Samui Coco TamsWe ordered a HUGE cocktail to share

Coco Tams shishaAlso some shisha

Coco Tams beach show Coco Tams beach show koh samui
I didn't get many good photos from the beach show as I mainly took videos (I will post them on my social media soon). It was really cool and impressive to watch.

Coco Tams


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