802. Bangkok Part 8 | Random Update

leftbanked despacito salt fields
I am really really behind on my posts at the moment (like 12 posts behind lol). I wish I was able to update more here because there's so much I want to post about..but since we've been doing a lot here I barely have any time (since I also work a full time job online!). Our time in Bangkok really flew by sooo fast. Sadly we only have about 12 more days left and still a lot to see. We haven't planned our next stop yet but we did extend our visitor visa for another month so we are thinking of going to Koh Samui. Visitors to Thailand (if you enter on a visa-exemption like me with a Canadian passport) are only allowed in for a month. After that you need to extend at the immigration office if you wish to stay longer, and they only allow for 30 days extension.

So this post will just contain a random mix of photos throughout the past few weeks. After this I've organized most of the posts to feature each attraction: Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple, Chinatown, Iconsiam Part 2, my birthday, Khao San Road, Ratchada Train Market, Wat Pho and Wat Arun, Maeklong Railway Market, Damnoen Floating Market, etc! I'm sure there will be more to come lol. Bangkok is such a fun city with so much to do (and super affordable). I wonder why I never had a desire to visit before now.

In the photo above we are at a salt field somewhere outside the city. Yesterday we booked a day tour to visit Maeklong Railway Market and Damnoen Floating Market and stopped at this salt field along the way. I looooved both the markets. They were so unique and nice to photograph. I will post about them in a later post.

fruit cart BangkokI love these fruit carts!

Asiatique Bangkok
One night we decided to visit Asiatique, a riverside market about 40min walk from us. This place was pretty much built for tourists so it was not as lively when we went there. Some shops were open but most places were closed including a food market. I think it would have been a lot more enjoyable if it was as busy as in normal times. However it does have a bit of a touristy feel - I would recommend going (in the future/post-COVID) if you have time but it can be skipped.

Asiatique wall art They had a lot of wall art like this.

Asiatique wall art Asiatique foodI loved this pad thai!

Bangkok Lumpini ParkAnother day we walked to Lumphini Park, a large park in the city where a lot of joggers go.

Monitor Lizard Lumphini ParkMonitor lizards can be found lounging around

leftbanked Lumphini Park Bangkok street food Bangkok street food
I love experiencing the street food here! Everything is delicious, convenient and super cheap. For example each skewer is 10 THB which is about $0.40 (CAD). It's also safe to eat (neither of us had food poisoning once yet lol).

Bangkok street foodThey cut up and cook the skewer pieces after you choose which ones you want.

Bangkok street food Homu dessert
I found this place on Google and wanted to visit because it has really good reviews and the desserts are so beautifully presented. This is their menu - each item is painted by watercolour. We ordered the top two. It's a very small cafe called Homu.

Homu dessert Homu dessert Bangkok street food Bangrak Bazaar Sarnies breakfast
This cafe is called Sarnies. We've been here several times, mainly to work with our laptops. It's really good but pricey for Bangkok standards. Well they have more western prices lol.

Bangkok Terminal 21
This mall is called Terminal 21 which we visited because a lot of travel YouTubers recommended it. However it's probably the least interesting mall we visited from here - I don't know why it was so raved about. It's supposed to feature a different city on each floor (like New York, London, Paris, San Francisco etc) but I didn't find it that well-designed, and the stores were nothing special. I would definitely recommend Iconsiam instead.

Bangkok buildings Bangkok rush hour Bangkok traffic


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