813. Koh Samui Part 2 | Koh Madsum / Pig Island

koh madsum pig island
Koh Madsum (or Ko Mat Sum) is an island about half an hour boat ride from Koh Samui, known for having some pot-bellied pigs roaming around! We booked a long-tail boat which took us to a snorkelling spot then here to spend some time with the pigs. It was so much fun and the pigs were so cute. I didn't expect them to be so huge. There is a beach bar on there and you can also buy snacks to feed the pigs.

The reason why there are pigs there is because a Thai man found a family of 4 pigs at a livestock market. He felt bad for them so decided to rescue them and let them live a happy life on the island. Since then there have been a few generations born. The island is still fairly new for tourists. Apparently it only started to gain popularity less than a year ago. I highly recommend a visit if you're ever in Koh Samui. It is such a unique experience!

koh samui longtail boat koh samui snorkelling koh samui snorkelling
The snorkelling stop we did first. Of course I stayed in the boat since I can't swim lol. I was on fish feeding duty. We got some bread to throw out to them which attracted a lot of fish.

koh madsumNext stop was Koh Madsum, aka Pig Island!

koh madsum koh samui koh mat sum pig koh madsum pig koh madsum pigs koh madsum pig island koh madsum pig island koh madsum pig koh mat sum pigs koh madsum pig island koh madsum pigs rooster pig beach koh madsum koh madsum coconut koh madsum thailand koh madsum thailand koh madsum pig islandChasing me for some snacks

koh madsum koh madsum pig island koh samui sunsetOn the way back we caught the sunset..it was stunning


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