818. Koh Samui Part 5 | Snapshots

Wild Cottages Luxury and Natural Koh Samui
I'm writing this post a couple hours before our flight. By tonight we will be in our next destination of Chiang Mai! I'm actually going to miss Koh Samui. Every single place we've visited on this trip, I am always sad to leave even though I know there are more adventures to come. Before Koh Samui we were in Bangkok which I really loved. I was sad/didn't want to leave and didn't think I would enjoy Koh Samui as much actually. But now I like it here..exploring empty beaches and relaxing at beach bars. It was a nice and relaxing month.

Due to COVID there are a lot less domestic flights. We were actually supposed to leave Koh Samui last week but due to availability of flights to Chiang Mai, we had to extend our stay until today. I am glad we did and wish we extended a bit longer. We booked this very beautiful place called Wild Cottages. It was an amazing stay and really exceeded my expectations. I wish we booked for longer. I will post more photos from our place in a future post!

Here are a random mix of photos from the past weeks. A small overview of life in Koh Samui! (I still have several more Koh Samui posts left which I will finish in Chiang Mai..)

Wild Cottages Luxury and Natural Coco Tams Koh SamuiOne of my favourite beach bars - Coco Tam's

Origins book Lewis Dartnell Koh Samui dog This stray dog came to join us

Coco Tams Coco Tams Koh Samui Coco Tams Koh Samui Coco Tams Big Buddha beach Koh Samui sunset kittens Koh Samui Koh Samui long tail boats Koh Samui long tail boats Koh Samui viewThis lookout spot had the bluest water I've ever seen!

Koh Samui view Chi Koh SamuiAnother favourite beach bar - Chi

Chi beach bar leftbanked reading despacito beach Chi beach bar Koh Samui Sweet Sisters Cafe Koh Samui organic eggs rambutans Wild Cottages Koh Samui


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