815. Koh Samui Part 3 | Cheong Mon Beach and Temples

Wat Plai Laem laughing Buddha
Koh Samui has a few temples scattered around the island (much like any city in Thailand I guess). The complexes are not as large as the main ones in Bangkok though, and the ones here on the island are much less ornate and less beautiful than Bangkok's. I liked this one with the laughing buddha though (at Wat Plai Laem) - a Chinese style buddha.

Wat Plai Laem Wat Plai Laem Wat Plai Laem Wat Plai Laem dogs street dogs Koh Samui
There were a lot of dogs around this temple. They were all quite friendly, especially this one! She kept coming close but was really cautious/afraid. Then got really excited and happy when we pet her.

Wat Plai Laem Wat Plai Laem Wat Plai Laem Koh Samui Big Buddha Koh Samui Big Buddha Koh Samui Big Buddha Koh Samui Big Buddha Koh Samui Koh Samui Cheong Mon Beach Spice Zone Koh Samui
This is at Cheong Mon Beach. We came to this restaurant (called Spice Zone) two times. The first time I had the pad thai, I saw it was full of chilis and was nervous to eat it because I cannot handle spicy food at all. But then when I tried it, I was quite surprised that it was really mild/not spicy at all. Then when we went back, I ordered the same dish. It was super spicy for me that time which was strange because it looked exactly the same as the first time (and my boyfriend confirmed that the first time was super spicy as well..I just couldn't taste it hahah). So strange.

banana dessert Thailand Cheong Mon Beach Samui Cheong Mon Beach Cheong Mon Beach Samui Koh Samui view Koh Samui food Ling Coffee Koh Samui Pause Residences Replay Koh Samui
This is our house! It's located inside a community called Replay. We rented it for one month. It is pretty nice and big. Tomorrow we're actually leaving to another accommodation on the other side of the island..I'm really excited about that one. I will be sure to post pictures later (and of this one I'll try to take some photos before we leave tomorrow!)


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